Pyreneen 1998
Pyreneen 1998
The first stop was in a hotel in La Seu d´Urgell. Me, like always pointing and talking..... Somewhere in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Pyreneen 1999 Pyreneen 1999, Rijk achtervolgt William
Through the clouds we went, passing sheep and cows not knowing where the small road would lead us to.

Carefully driving through the mist not trying to hit anything we were not supposed to. All of a sudden the light is blindening and we get above the clouds.

Now I only recall it must have been a pass in the Basque area of the Pyrenees, as we were staying in a hotel in St. Jean de Luz.
Wonderful piece of road, me enjoying the curves and Rijk on the Beamer chasing and enjoying.
Andalusia 1999 Bill on Suzuki, Andalusia 1999
Andalusia has some really wonderful places to visit, some touristic, some have a lot of cultural history and some - like the place on this picture - have absolute silence after stopping the bikes´engines.........
Absolute silence is magnificent!
As the Kawa needed a new engine cover after I let it fall, I rented the Suzuki to enjoy the rest of the holiday. Alltough it was better than a car, it couldn't beat the Kawasaki.
Andalusia 1999 Andalusia 1999
The biker crew..... Picture taken by the 'bella chica de la recepcion'
Nice roads, lots of space and us....enjoying it to the max!
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