wapen van Bree


Bree, city in the provence of Limburg in the North East of Belgium

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The most characteristic landmark in Bree is the Saint Michaels church in the city center. It rises above the city and can be seen from quite a distance. Actually more nice churches can be found in the area; Gerdingen, Opitter, Tongerloo, Meeuwen and and and.....

Bree, as you understand, is the city that I live in. Below follow some impressions.

Bree by night

Michielskerk b/w


The 'Breese Stoepluiper' is a statue that can be seen when entering the center.

St. Michael's college seen from the Vrijthof. The building is currently being restored and will be in use as the "gemeentehuis" in the future. Once the restauration has finished I will place a colour picture as well.

The "Onze Lieve Vrouwe" Church in Gerdingen.


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Bree (Stad = city)

Bree is a city in the Belgian province of Limburg. The city is about 15,000 inhabitants and is also called the pearl of the Kempen. The city's name descends probably from 'bred' what can be translated into settlement of wood. Another possibility is that it comes from the more often in this region used 'broek' which in English is translated to swamp.

Bree used to be one of the 'Goede Steden' (Good Cities) in the diocese of Liège. The city got its city rights in 1836.

Freely translated from original text on wikipedia