A while back I moved from the busy "Randstad" down South into a wonderful region called "Limburgse Kempen". I now live in the town of Bree, which I think is a jewel in the crown called the Kempen.

Many bicycle paths go through the wonderful nature. The picture in upper right corner I took in the Summer of 2003 after getting up early.

The dew then was wonderful, the sunrise like always magnificent, the buzzard dog fighting the craw , the cows, sheep and  horses hardly awake and just standing around. And I......just bicycling and dreaming.




Sint Michiel is protecting Bree as well as he can. The visitors that speak Dutch and would like to know more about the town, please click this link to find some history about Bree.
English description can be found here.

wapen van Bree

The info shown through the above links is copied from: http://users.belgacom.net/bree/index.html.

Brug bij Beek

My brother, his kids and myself on the Vrijthof in Bree in the winter of 2002.

broers en zusjes


Bree is beautiful!

What happened here? Well, I wanted to see whether my site could be traced through Google.

So then I tried....no luck with just Kawasaki....no luck with just Bree....no luck with just ZX9R. So I gave the combination a try!

And that's how my curiosity was directed to the following site about Bree. See and check for yourself and understand why I had a very silent smile.......