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04 Jan 2015 Nature and climate change
17 Jan 2015 Je suis votre voisin
08 Feb 2015  "Free"  Western media
15 Feb 2015 Global heating
16 May 2015 GDP and inequality
12 Oct 2015 The world goes berserk
22 Nov 2015 My barber and I




Nature and climate change

The New Year has already begun. Today, after a lazy start, I went out into the nature park 'de Luysen' to enjoy the wonderful nature and peace and quiet. The nature park is a very swampy area filled with wonderful flora and fauna about 4km from my home. The paths are indicated, and usually I try to walk between 7 and 10 km. The park is home to a lot of waterbirds, but also birds of prey, beavers, deers and lots of other animals can be seen there.

I like the park, and I decided two years ago to support the organization that maintains it by becoming a paying member.

The thoughts while walking this morning were many, but one I'ld like to record here. The thought was that mankind is part of nature, and yes, like all life on earth - we effect the climate for sure. Admittedly more than any other species on earth, but for sure we are not the only ones.

Also the word 'green communism' came into my mind. The people that 'predict' climate change and want to force other people in behaving differently. Behaving differently is one, but letting them pay for what they think and determine is 'polluting' and effecting the climate.

How on earth can anyone think he can predict the climate, if we cannot even reliably predict tomorrow's weather? Or is it me just being naive? To go with George Carlin - earth is a stable system, and we don't have to be afraid it will die. All's that will die are the humans living on it. Till then, we better enjoy what we have, be it polluting or not.

Je suis votre voisin

Je suis votre voisin

Not a moment goes by that we in the West hear about the Muslim terrorists that want to destroy our society. I guess the same holds true for my fellow World neighbors in the Muslim countries. They probably get bombarded (think about the real bombs as well please!!) with the Western terror that wants, no heck, is destroying their society.

What the hell is all of this serving? I don't mind whether you are Muslim, Christian or Jew or whether you are, whatever you want to be. As long as I don't get bothered with whatever you want to be and do - be my guest.

Then why is my elected government trying to make me believe what they do is not terror, but is for the good of my own sake? Bombarding people in remote locations is one, stealing my privacy is another. Why? Why are the psychopaths that rule our countries doing this?

For me the root cause lies in one direction: $$$$$$ and that is what's destroying our happiness and health on this planet. Their basic desires are out of control, and all they want is more
$$$$$$ so they can hobby around and divide and conquer and kill. Kill as if they were the Lord almighty in Person. If there is such a thing as Lord almighty, call him God, Allah or whatever, he'll be crying. Crying loud and hard, God as much as Allah, as all crime is done in their name.

With that in mind, I see the Christian psychopaths step on the bible with dirty shoes, and I see Muslim psychopaths step on the Koran with identical dirty shoes. It seems to me that we, yes all of us with less dirt on our shoes get them off the holy Books and make them understand that this is not what we are looking for. Whether your name is Bill, Mohamed or Charlie - don't walk with the psychopaths please....

"Free"  Western media

We in the West are always so proud of our freedoms, and most of all the freedom or our press. Seeing what's going on in the Ukraine, I personally get the opinion that the press - whom I would expect to be a guardian of our democracy and liberty - is miserably failing.
free western media
Our free press is as much biased and filled with our leaders' propoganda as the press of rogue states is. All one has to do is step outside the absolute news, and look at the patterns since 9/11. I cannot say whether before an identical pattern can be found, as I have not looked into it, but since that date it is quite obvious.

The pattern comes from reading alternative press, talking to people and also reading blogs from local people whom express their opinion on the internet. I've been thinking about what is linking all of this into being independent, and after asking 5x why I come to the conclusion that it all caught by our system of money. The connecting flow are the $$$$$. This really causes that our freedom is limited, our freedom of choice, our freedom to democratically elect our government and our freedom of live. Most of our choices are driven by the $$$$$. This is also the case for our media, they follow the path to maximize $$$$$. How about the communities that rise all over the internet? I think they have a disconnect from these $$$$$, or at least, I hope so.

global heating

Global heating

I was wondering about frequencies and time constants. When deciding on what to prioritize, modern business has become used (forced by stock markets?) to only look a quarter ahead in time. Real long term thinking and strategizing, securing a company's future has become a secondary issue. Myself I try to live and enjoy by the day, as every day might be the last one, but the existentialism in every human being intuitively takes care of the longer term future. Or at least, I always thought it worked that way.

Now looking at the world around me, I see so many armed conflicts going on, that it becomes very difficult to ignore the Doom's Day scenario. Remaining positive however, I think there is a solution. The only way out I see is to amputate the tools of power from our society. And, to speak with Russel Brand, it will take a revolution to get that done. The settled powers will not allow for this voluntarily.

Let's start by no longer using the global currencies that have been captured by the big banks. We, the people, in the end decide whether we trust the (fiat) currency or not. Given that as a fact, why don't we all switch to 'crypto currencies'. One can use the internationally available ones, or easily create local ones.

If we all, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Atheists all together would start decoupling here, the power that governs the world now would start diminishing. I don't know whether it would help eventually to bring peace and love rather than war and hate, but given that the current situation is progressing to a not so attractive extreme I think we should at least give it a try. Back to basics, take power into our own hands, and create local meritocracies, where everyone excels in that what is already their strong point anyway. And on our way there, let's not forget to bring trust back into our societies.

That is the only way to stop the global heating going on as I see it growing across the world like a cancer today. Click on the map to the left to enlarge and understand it.

GDP and inequality

I was thinking today about how I see the inequality grow, it grows further year by year and I don't think it is a good trend. Inequality will lead to dissatisfaction amongst the people, which can only lead to more fear and suffering.

Looking around some sites, I came across the graph to the right, and was amazed by how good the GDP indicator correlates to the measurement for inequality. This should make you think a bit about what's going on.

An interesting site by the way to read a bit further what's missing when GDP is measured and being confused as a metric for
gdp and inequality


Over-reliance on GDP distorts decision-making affecting our economy and society. Other metrics such as the Genuine Progress Indicator are beginning to provide a more comprehensive view of economic and social progress to use when setting national priorities. As Joseph Stiglitz stated upon release of the report of the Commission on the measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress: “What you measure affects what you do,” and if “you don’t measure the right thing, you don’t do the right thing.”


The world goes berserk

"Peace missions" in the Middle East have helped making eveyone's life better over there. As stated by George Bush, the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan have been liberated...
Literally he stated: "Iraq is free, and today we are joined by representatives of a liberated country."
George W. Bush, Sept. 23, 2003.
His fellow Hawk, Cheney said: "Just in this administration, we've liberated 50 million people from the Taliban in Afghanistan and from Saddam Hussein in Iraq -- two terribly oppressive regimes that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of their own people."
Dick Cheney, May 31, 2005.
Well, look at the graph to the right, and just see how many Iraqi civilians have been "liberated". When is all of this going to stop, our psychopath leaders keep lying, as they have always done, and we follow in obedience.
Currently Europe is flooded by people fleeing wars in their own countries, and for Syria the best solution that comes to our politicians' minds is - more bombs, shut the borders, send them back. Great, all of this has been done before and has proven not to help a bit. By now, I see them only as an incompetent bunch of sick and helpless psychopathic liars, who have nothing else in mind than their own good and future. No vision, no leadership, just incompetence.... 

Worse even, some think it was all worth it...During his presidency, Bill Clinton presided over the most devastating regime of economic sanctions in history that the UN estimated took the lives of as many as a million Iraqis, the vast majority of them children. In May of 1996, 60 Minutes aired an interview with Madeline Albright, who at the time was Clinton"s UN Ambassador. Correspondent Leslie Stahl said to Albright, "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that"s more children than died in Hiroshima. And — and you know, is the price worth it?"

Madeline Albright replied "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it." 

freed iraqi civilians

tsunami of refugees

My barber and I

Last Friday I took the day off and it was time to get rid of some lengthy hair again. The barber I went to comes from Izmir, Turkey and he happens to be Muslim. The previous times we talked a lot about his origins in Turkey and how wonderful a city Izmir is. We shared all kinds of cultural and political thoughts. You know, you can sit the 20 minutes in silence, it is just much better to chat and learn, probably we both feel that way.

Of course this time, we came to the Paris massacre and discussed how fear and insanity go hand in hand. He being a Muslim, me being a Christian Atheist we felt exactly the same about what had happened in Paris. Also the other muslims I am in regular contact with (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Eritrea) feel and express the same way. I am so weird, naive or blind that I cannot see the violence that everybody claims their religion should bring into them?

Well to be honest, when he handles the big barber knife and moves it around in my neck, I do get the chills, but I've had that since I was a kid going to any hairdresser in the world, be it Christian, Jewish or Muslim....

Au contraire, what really scares me are all of the measures taken by our lovely politicians to protect me. More and more freedoms are stolen from us. More and more I see them behave as incompetent managers. The more I think of it, read about it, the more scary this pattern gets. Part of freedom is that I live my life in a way that I think should, no need for someone else to tell me how to live it...

I hope more people think like my barber and I, towards the end of our discussion we completely agreed that people need to treat each other with respect, whatever the other looks like, thinks like, acts like. I just hope and wish more people like he and I keep chatting about all of this.

Life is good!

Listening to a youtube film of molyneux he showed an overview of arms exporting countries. Click the link below, and see how the graph evolves after 9/11 (2001). Wondering why 3 towers had to fall vertically...... ;)