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Mmmmmm, how on earth did this start?

One day I decided it was about time to learn how to get a homepage done. A friend and colleague of mine tought me how to use Composer and here it is!

My experimental homepage. I hope you enjoy it a little.

Continuing; I am male, I am 1m75 measured from head to toes and have been Aries since my birth in 1964, and trying hard not to lose the child inside. The latter is working well, taken from what my friends and family tell me about my behaviour.

I'm also not the most fit person in the world, but learned to enjoy and appreciate the Bourgondic life in the Southern Low Lands....

As you can tell from this site, I also enjoy motorcycling, hiking, astronomy and want to think and learn about many other things in life. One of them being music, music clears the mind, influences perception and gives us joy.




The easy part is the Kawa part - thatīs derived from Kawasaki. Although I rode a couple of Hondaīs in the early days and I am not really a brand freak, I do like and I am proud of my Kawasaki.

The torque of the 900cc ZX9R makes it a bike that you can really use for touring around, and the peak power of well above 140HP makes you respect it when you turn the throttle.

I drove a couple of Hondaīs (400 and 600cc) in the past, but ever since I got my first ZXR I didnīt go away from Kawasaki. The Kawasaki is just a little bit "rougher" than the Hondaīs are. Just listen to the sound of a Kawasaki with a Laser Hotcam muffler (wreng..wreng..wreng).

Some guys ask me "why on earth donīt you buy a BMW?" Well...... I guess I still feel too young for such a bike (of course the comment I got back from a Ducati friend was he never talked about a Beamer and asked which Duc I would choose in order to feel young again.......).

For now the ZX9R will do perfectly - the ZX10R is just too sporty for me, so I guess I will be putting a couple more miles on my little 900.
So far so good, how did I get to the Bill part then?

In Flemish and Dutch "bil" means something different (okay, okay I will tell yah; it means buttock).

For me Bill is the name that I got when I went over to Canada for a couple of months to work with TransCanadaPipeLines in Ontario. All of a sudden everybody called me Bill, although my passport showed a very different first name (Shakespeare was called the same!).

Anyway, nowadays Iīm used to it, and in English it sounds rather good so I just let it be.



Kawasaki ZX9R "BBIII"('02 model)


Accidents do happen in life - I know that from hard experience - I learned from a pal of mine "there are two kinds of bikers: those that have fallen and those that will fall".


He should know, when he shared his wisdom with me that day, he was already 62 years of age, completely gray and riding a ZZR1100 through the Colorado Rocky Mountain canyons, in a way that I sometimes couldnīt keep up with on the ZXR! Whatever group you belong to, remember, it can always get worse! Buck's wisdom and ZZR1100 travelled with me again in 2009. We've done some more wonderful rides, Buck riding the 1100 at 78 years of age. Ain't life wonderful?

Check out this short film (1.35MB)!!!

My crashes were not as severe as the one in the film above, but on one occasion it took me about six months before I was fully recovered from a crash.

Although my family tried convincing me I should buy a sports car (because it had four wheels and couldnīt fall over) I couldnīt stay away from motorcycles - and I have never regretted that choice.

For me the fun factor, the freedom, the way you really feel connected with this world -certainly when it is raining cats and dogs, the sheer acceleration, the fellow bikers and people that you meet underway makes it all worth while.

So..........I keep riding motorcycles.
I adore freedom, and let everyone be. Each and all we have a responsibility towards each other, and so it happens:
The anarchist meets the atheist and after searching finds a song about the Lord - it sets the scenario for  a thought that the greater universe doesn't allow for individualists and makes all of us part of the whole, built up of all the different I's, that are wondering: WHO AM I?