Appendix 1 – 32  of Book 10 :  The Secret Language of God


By Kris Thijs and Johan Coenen ( previous University Assistant of Prof. Thijs )


Diffusion with the written authorization of Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium. Documents still under copy rights.

(The 50 pages are very technical)


The appendices make the link between ancient cosmology and actual positive sciences. They  explain further Bible numbers in Old and New Testament, also the relation to the Cheops – pyramid –model of computing.


For Professor Thijs all this  reveals an ancient superior knowledge concerning the development of energy fields in the cosmos. This knowledge is coherent with actual positive sciences and their mathematical – physical constants


For a more logical overview of the appendices you may start with clicking on  Appendix -19 linking to most others


Appendixes :


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APP 1     goto   The cosmos growing spiral

APP 2     goto   Development exterior triangle of a pyramid.

APP 3     goto   Development interior triangle of a pyramid

APP 4     goto   Universal pyramid shape

APP 5     goto   Powers of 10, square of circles, due to development of solar system

APP 6     goto   “originating circle” of solar cycle

APP 7     goto   Triangle of Pythagoras and Solar System

APP 8     goto   Origin of visual reality and whole numbers

APP 9     goto   Radiation fields of sun and planets – Relativity

APP 10   goto   Repeating relations in evolution schema of sun and planets.

APP 11   goto   Relation earth cycle with 4OO.

APP 12   goto   Light : structure element of the cosmic pyramid.

APP 13   goto   Split of processes – Number of Feigenbaum.

APP 14   goto   Pragmatic description of the notion chaos.

APP 15   goto   The number “e”: derivation of solar cycle.

APP 16   goto   Relation between number “e” en the number of Feigenbaum.

APP 17   goto   Number of Feigenbaum and Comptoneffect.

APP 18   goto   Harmonic law of Kepler is pyramid – law.

APP 19   goto   Constant of Planck : level – relation in microcosmos and macrocosmos .

APP 20   goto   Satellite system of Jupiter.

APP 21   goto   Other examples of pyramidal relations in microcosmos. Relations between electrons and protons.

APP 22   goto   The precession cycle.

APP 23   goto   First bifurcation ( 1 + square root 6 ) and the Western number of soldiers around the Ark of Mozes.

APP 24   goto   The 12 subtribes around the Ark Tent of Mozes

APP 25   goto   Bible number 666 and the solar cycle.

APP 26   goto   Alternative multiplications.

APP 27   goto   Projection techniques

APP 28   goto   Origin of rhythm  6 .

APP 29   goto   The movement of the moon – nodes.

APP 30   goto   Venus and pentagons.

APP 31   goto   Planets, satellites and comets.

APP 32   goto   Our cosmos , a saturnus – effect of time and space.



This  appendix schemas are a very fast overview of the 9 first books of Thijs developing this subjects in detail.

For a more logical overview, click on  APPENDIX -19  linking to most others


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