Appendix-10 Repeating relations in evolution schema of sun and planets.


An idea about the evolution of the sun and the planets is obtained by linking the planetary sum with the unity pentagram.


The unity pentagram is the pentagram in a circle with radius 1.


The sum of the planets is 25,235 (0,03% more than the calculated value 25,227337 see planet characteristics ).


The result is 6 x 40 and repetition of the proportion 6,666666 gives 1600:



The magnitude 1600 equals the proportion between the surfaces of the base sides of a golden-section pyramid and its top, Fig. A10-1:



Consequent division by 6 generates repetitive number as shown:



Symbolic Number First 9 Numbers

of Priest Worship Sun 9 Planets

Ark of Covenant


Repetition 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 6,2 exp 3 + 7,5 exp 3 + 8,6 exp 3 = TOTAL NUMBER OF PRIESTS OF ARK OF COVENANT :


Bible texts:


Eastern: Numbers 3;38 : Mozes


Northern: Numbers 3;35-37 : the Suns of Merari Priests, third range priests : 6.200 (6,2 above), where 6,2 exp 3 = (Phi 1) exp2 x 25 exp2


Western: Numbers 3;21-37 : caste of the Gersonites, moon priests : 7500 (7,5 above), where 7,5 exp 3 = T(moon) x (Phi 1) X 25


Southern: Numbers 3;37-31 : high-priests Suns of Kehath, sun-priests: 8600 (8,6 above), where 8,6 exp 3 = (25,227337) exp 2 or Sun System





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