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                                Part 4              The Templars and the New World


It seems a lot of  ancient  cultures disappeared (remains sometimes partially underwater) due to  natural catastrophies and wars (political and religious). Their knowledge got lost or survived partially via religions, architecture and esoteric organizations. 


One European key organization , The Templars, played an important role in a first recovering process . They seems to have disposed of ancient navigational and geographical techniques, architectural know how, perhaps recovered via Jeruzalem and Solomons Temple Caves, containing ancient Jewish-Egyptian-Sumerian written knowledge ? Perhaps  local contacts in the Holy Land during the Crusades were an important source.

Did the Templars find documents about geometry, geography , and  the New World , visited earlier by Solomon and Echnatons descendants ?


Website Templar Mechanics gives today a standard circular measure for the  Templars groundgeometry,  as well for the UK as France : see :



Also Templars Rosslyn Chapel in the UK seems to involves similar pyramidal geometries as mentioned before .



Two websites very dedicated to Rosslyn and the region sacred  ground geometry,  are made by   Jackie Queally :

Click on Celtic Trails and Templar Trails/Grail Lands  : Templars Trails . Also many references are given to the famous :

Reshel – applications of top – researcher William Buehler , also linked on website Templar Mechanics :

http://www.templarmechanics.com/templar.asp  : see topic : William Buehler – Reshel Grids introduction and overviews ;

example : Glastonburry : http://www.templarmechanics.com/templar_detail.asp?templarid=109


The Dutch researcher Bert Janssens also discovered fabulous Templar pyramidal geometries in Wiltshire - UK :

Click : http://www.cropcirclesandmore.com/geometries/200601lsgnl.html  and geometry topics :

Overview webpages  : http://www.cropcirclesandmore.com/geometries/geometriesnl.html  and example Yin – Yang :




Further Website Halexandria in the USA decodes the (click on) Cathedrals of Northern France within a circle.

This circle is a subpart of Templars France geometry mentioned earlier.





In Templars France this kind of ground geometry involves, like mentioned above,  the cathedral of Amiens

and the Castle of Godefroid de Bouillon (North of Templars France) in a Cheops pyramidal geometry , mentioned earlier.




This geometry seems corresponding the paintings of Poussin click : France Pyramidal ,

webpage out of  the Website by Morph , click on : the staf of Mercury  and http://en.structurae.de/structures/data/photos.cfm?ID=s0017345 .


This geometry of Poussin  seems applied  around the ancient  Mercury Temple at the Puy de Dome in France, and seems to point

in a reversed pentagram to the Mediteran area of Maguelone (Magdalena) cathedral :  click http://www.maguelone.com/p_story_e.html .




Information above is  with permission of Webmaster Morph :

Website : click on the staf of Mercury


There seems a grotta and stone like on the paintings of Poussin in this Maguelone – cathedral  environment : http://perso.orange.fr/villeneuve.les.maguelone.guerrero/private/Village/grottedelaMadeleinephoto.htm  ?


The flat Maguelone islands are now under water:  It was the first mission of Maria Magdalena before Marseille :

http://www.societe-perillos.com/mariemad_02.html  Maria Magdalena was very important to the Templars.


The presence there of Maria Magdalena seems confirmed by a study of the catholic church in 1908 of the  Bishop of Nimes and Jeruzalem (title)

J-M Lamoureux , book :  Les Saintes Maries de Provence (so amazing that reprinted in 1999).




The  Christ disciples and their families are described also in this book  : one of them :

Joseph of Arimathea , went further to Glastonbury , where this kind of geometries seems reproduced on the ground for church

and environment .  I guess from there it went to Ireland (Celei Dei early Christians) and even further to America :

Saint Brandan , Excursions to Great Ireland.

Later America was  also reached by Vikings (ancestors of Sinclair), followed  finally by Templars from La Rochelle, France.





The Templars  went  to the Americas and the same groundgeometry applies in North America.

The Nova Scotia geometry is described  in webpage :

The Big Overview  of website Nova Scotia Mysteries of John Coleman .


In his last book , The Templars Meridians, William F. Mann  , explains how they went to America., click on :

Templars Sacred Geography  


Also  Mann used  for Canada the same  paintings of Teniers and Poussin, as  researchers Morph and Henry Lincoln for France and Rennes .


The English and French special services went after the Templars descendants through North America without success :

See Mann’s writing : Knight Templar in the New World and Templar Meridians !


Also Tim Wallace’s books: Rex Deus ; Secrets of Rennes and Templars in America , describe the Templars in North America.

Also Bradley’s 3 books on the subject : last recent  one  :  Swords at Sunset .



But went the Templars further than North America ? Two French writers go in very details : as well middle as south America !


Quetzecoalt (Tolteks) and Viracocha (Incas) are always described as western and white upperpriest (even Gods) . The religion of Quetzecoalt involves  Christian elements, and a very important rite as the baptism ( individual or collective in a river ).  The Tolteks went to Machu Pichu  , from there to Peru. Similar geometries were used in this new world.

The last two Inca centuries were a foreign dynasty (Vikings), and the same ground geometries applies here. The last Incas have chasubles with the solar 666 matrixes  on it  in Arabian numbers of Viking/Templars time, also Templar and Alchemy symbols.






All this is described in  the writings of Prof. Carnac, Swiss Academy of Genève, Engeneer and History of sciences.

His work is mainly based on the Corpus Vaticanus 3738: http://www.famsi.org/research/graz/vaticanus3738/index.html ,

but also a lot of international research he did : he wrote 2 books on the subject :

Les Conquérants du Pacifique  and L’Histoire commence à Bimini .


Another famous French writer on the subject is Prof. Jacques de Mahieu : Les Templiers en Amérique (Templars in America).


For him the Irisch early christians  preceeded the Vikings, who established a Dynasty in South America. They provided during decennia the silver to the Templars, who were sailing to Viking ports in  South America from the port La Rochelle in France.

After the conflict with the Church and French King, the Templars fleet disappeared from La Rochelle. They entered Middle America to create a new State. The Templar-Viking See Maps from Dieppe (also Port in France) went to the Crown of Portugal (in still good relation with the Templars). It his there that as well Columbus , as Magellan consulted those navigation maps. The rest is history.

Emphasis is on South America, were also Cathars symbols were found . Were Templars even saving leading Cathars to South America with their fleet from La Rochelle?


Meantime the research of Prof. De Mahieu was continued by Prof. Vicente Pistili, archeolog of Paraguay, click : Website Prof. Pistilli



But the mysteries remain :

Was the groundgeometry of Amarna of Echnaton exported to the South American Suncontinent?

By who ? Egyptians, Solomon, Irish early Christians , Vikings, Templars ?

Was the groundgeometry of the pre-Incas exported to Egypt  by Horus ?

Or has all  this knowledge an unknown common origin ?

Went the Templars knowledge  over to esoteric organizations and specially the Freemasons,

To Bacon and Newton , leading to our positive sciences origins?

Why Parguay in Central South America has runes, Ogam, and probably large groundgeometries?



                                              Part 5    Americas As Above, As Below


A central sacred cave in Paraguay, were the Viking Incas descended from Peru to reach again the Atlantic, was discovered by Prof. de Mahieu. See his exceptional book L’Agonie du Dieu Soleil.

Mahieu describes the petroglyphs of a very important portulan on the wall of the cave of Cerro Polilla. On the portulan were geographic symbols that the local people still used to carve in the trees to identify the roads.

This portulan, major cities, road and river crossings, seems to correspond the classic ancient ground geometry, were a star and extended pentagram are in fusion.

Also other pentalikes can possible been seen within the different concentric circles.

This groundgeometry even can be expanded : on the cave wall the petroglyphs are within a hughe triangle, base 15 meter and hight 15 meter, lines white colored with an unknown white product.

Two of this opposite triangles (diagonals) seems also present in the geometric system of Paraguay, Meso America (Cholula pyramid), and in Egyptian pyramidal logic .

For Meso America , click,  http://www.mc2-map.org/ARQUEO/30_6S.htm  of http://www.mc2-map.org/

For Egypt, click, Tom Graham - Phi Latitude http://unicorngeometrics.blogspot.com/ 



                                    Cave beside the tunnel


What was above the mountain, from over the little chain of red mountains (present Rune text)?

 The interior of the cave may probably explain it. On the top of the cave there are, an upcoming sun, a half lozenge outcoming of this sun, and  shining stars (one coming from over of the rock ) , perhaps they represent the corner stars of the Orion Belt.

The  stars in the cave of Cerro Polilla may represent the Orion Belt , also related to the groundgeometry of Paraguay?

In Meso American a similar geometry is related to the Orion Belt.

http://www.mc2-map.org/ARQUEO/30_6S.htm  out of website http://www.mc2-map.org/  ,

and the Orion relation on webpage http://www.mc2-map.org/ARQUEO/30_5S.htm .


For Egypt a similar pyramidal logic is given by Thomas Graham, click on:




Like in Ancient Egypt and Templars Europe, the groundgeometry in South America seems not only similar , but even applicated on very large scale.


For Paraguay (Inca, Aymara controlled) click on Ita Letra (or the Letter Mountain , full of OGAM petroglyps and Viking runes):

http://users.telenet.be/kenneshugo/Cerro Polilla2.htm and next pages ;

also the webpages of Prof. Pistilli  click : Website Prof. Pistilli




A similar projection of Orion, in North America, can be found on the fabulous website of Gary David


If You contemplate the Black Mesa line, You can see the cube, the Hexagon and Flower of Lifes, taking most Orion Stars on the ground !!!


A second cave in the groundgeometry of Paraguay  has also remarkable Viking runes and ancient scripts :


In the cave Cerro Morotti of Paraguay also Rongo – Rongo scripts were found on terracotta.

Probably the Incas, or pre-Incas,  were in contact with Eastern island.

These scripts were used on Eastern Island,  in the Pacific , and also in pre-India, the Harappa culture.

The capital of the Harappa culture, Mohendjadaro, is antipodal to Eastern island.

Archaeoastronomer Lacroix remarked that around Mohendjadharo, worldwide rings correspond

several ancient towns : http://www.ancientcartography.net/geoAN.html


Concentric rings seems also represented on worldwide coaststones, completed with very ancient Indian scripture.

In his book “1421” , Chinese explorations, Menzies describe those remarkable points.


The position of Ita Letra (Cerro Polilla) in Paraguay is exceptional in Egyptian international geographic context, see the article of researcher de Jonghe on following pages.








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