The Ark of Noach – Pyramidal Model of Abolition


 Bible Text , Genesis 7:6-24 and 8:1-20

 Explanation of number metaphors of Old Testament Bible Texts




“The story about the “Deluge” is a metaphor giving a perfect description of natural abolition processes.


The dismantling of events happens with the same rules as the construction of them. In other words, the symbols (symbolized by number of “days” or “months” in the story ) are chosen that way, that without discussion they references the model of the golden section pyramid.


With his 600 years Noach stays symbol for the “initiated” in the model of Jaweh.

He is ready for a new start under the impulse of 7 ( the 7th day ). His age of “600” corresponds with a finished creation process on rhythm 6.


The phases of the Deluge correspond exactly with the pyramidal schema, with a height equal to the Eastern of Eastern of Eden (186,4/2phi).

The Deluge is so a very destructive situation ; the new evolution schema of humanity will not start in the Eastern of Eden, but in the Eastern of Eastern of the paradise. By analogy Adam and Eve were excluded after their “sin” to the Eastern of the Eastern of Eden.


The “days” and “months” metaphors in the Deluge are a code in the form of a golden section pyramid, deducted from the Sun Cycle.

To see this we may take the Golden Section of 603,55 ( symbol of the number of “soldiers” around the Ark of Covenant and also symbol of the Sun Cycle).


This Golden Section is equal 373.


We may consider now 373 as a “time circle” of the Deluge, corresponding with the “12 months” In this case, one month is 31,083 days.

In fig 63 the time cycle is decomposed  in Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern part, by analogy with the symbolic numbers of soldiers around the Ark of Covenant.





If we place the 4 obtained parts in the form of a “6” in a circle with the Eastern part as diameter, then the radius of the circle is equal to the Eastern of Eastern of “Eden”. (“Eden” stays model for the number of soldiers around the Ark of Covenant and is equal 603,55).

Remarkable is, that this Eastern of Eastern of 603,55 has a concrete relation to our Sun System and Jupiter, because the relation to our Sun System is equal to the Eastern of Eastern of Eden :


Sun System x Jupiter = 57,56, practical equal to a radius of 57,57 (with this last number : the Eastern of Eastern of 603,55, if we use the proportion 10/K(Saturn)).


If we now calculate the start of the Deluge, being the 27th “day” of the second “month”, then we get a period situated between 57,083 and 58,O83.

The radius of the circle – for the facility rounded on 57,6 , corresponds so with a time moment somewhere in the middle of the 27th day (the “our” is not mentioned in the Bible).


The Jupiter effect


The Eastern of the Eastern of Eden, or the beginning of the Deluge, references so a situation for our Sun System, that may be considered as “favourable”, because the Sun System is connected to the situation “Jupiter”.


Because planets represents construction –elements of cosmic pyramids , we may consider “Jupiter” x Sun System as the situation “Jupiter” on the level of the Sun System. In other words, the whole Sun System may be seen as a reflection of “Jupiter”.


By analogy the already know relation 2Pi x Sun System is nothing else than the situation “Pluto” (with Pluto = 2Pi ) on the level of the Sun System ( within the circle 2Pi x Sun System the pentagram 240 may be inscribed).


We may clearly see the notion “Eastern of Eastern”, described by us as Jupiter effect, as repetition of the “Eastern” of “Saturnal” situations (like seen in the protection of the Ark of Covenant). There we investigated how our planet system is a Saturnal contraction ( or “materialization” ) from a higher domain, represented by the cycle of the Sun.  We got indeed the “Eastern” by multiplication of the revolution times of the Sun and Saturn.


The same way we get the “Eastern  of Eastern “ by applying two times the Saturnal reflex on the Sun Cycle.


The process representing this situation, may be drawn as a cube with edge 57,57 ( or 186,4 divided by 10/k(Saturn) ) multiplied by 1 million. This cube is exactly 1 million times smaller than the one corresponding to the double contraction of the Sun Cycle. The edge 57,57 is now equal to the sum of the planet characteristics, multiplied by Jupiter. We may see so that “Jupiter” is a consequence of the double contraction of the Sun Cycle by “Saturn”.


It is also remarkable that the process, corresponding to the “Eastern of Eastern”, contains the nucleus of the creating principle. We can see that 57,57 is nothing else than Pi x 7, multiplied with Phi x Phi. In other words, Pi x 7 ( or the nucleus of the creating principle of our living area ) is the smallest piece of the golden section of the “Eastern of Eastern”.


This considerations are again an affirmation of our declaration that “planets” are only “situations” or energetic symbols repeating themselves on higher levels.

Our planet system  is a reflection of universal power lines and figures.


During the continuation of the Deluge story we find back the “months” and “days” typical for the story. The Eastern of Eastern of “Eden” symbolizes thus the “Jupiter” effect reflected to our whole Sun System.


On that level the “Deluge starts”, and this start corresponds with the 27th day of the second month.


This “day” also corresponds with the length of the oblique side of the trapezium in fig. 63.


If we now add to the beginning of the Deluge 40 days and 40 nights ( plus/minus 40 days) then we get 97,6 or the Eastern of Eden, multiplied with 1 el.

The starting day of the Deluge, coupled to the duration of the rain period, is found by connecting one cosmic unity ( the el) to the Eastern of Eden.

This is the 12th part of a circle with 186,4 as radius.


The full “submersion of the Earth with water” (150 days) is obtained by adding to the day the Deluge starts (the radius of the circle) 150 days. This sum corresponds to the sum of the Eastern and Southern part of 373 and so references a finished period in a totality of 373 days.

Theoretically East + South = 57,6 + 150 = 207,6.

A little deviation to the calculated value of 208,8 (fig 63).

This is without meaning because it is not stated on which time moment the 57th day of the Deluge begins, nor on which time  moment the 150th day the submersion is completed.


On the 17th day of the 7th month the Ark already get “stuck” . Calculation gives the 202th day. In the assumption the time moment corresponds 202,7 we get an indication for the whole planet system (represented by 25,235). We may verify that 202,7 may represent the diameter of a circle with length the quadrate of the sum of the planets. This quadrate is also the surface of one side of a cube, fitting only in one way in boll with surface 6000 (see fig. 30 book).


On the 17th day a new creation story on rhythm 6 is beginning. The getting “stuck” of the Ark corresponds to the constitution of the Sun System.

That’s the reason the Ark couldn’t go further down when the water was disappearing. Before the Ark went 15 el above the “mountains” (symbol for events on pyramidal measure). Now 15 el is the 4Oth piece of 600 el. Here 600 el is again symbol for a new creation story starting after the deluge.



Sight  on the Mountain


On the first day of the 10th month the “top of the mountains” appears again.


The “day” is the 280th day. The “mountain” with a height of 280el is the height of the Great Pyramid symbol for all events.


The 40th day later the “mountains” were seen, Noach took a look. He opened a “window” and saw the model taking form on measure 7.

This gives 280el + 40el : 320el. The proportion 320/280 is exactly equal 1 + 1/7 ; symbolic the unity + 1/7 if it. The system was thus realized as a division of the unity with seven and a reflection of the Sun Cycle.


But the Earth wasn’t still dry (the 373 days were not yet passed). So the pigeon comes back The 7th day later, send again, she returned with a green leaf..

Now the Ark Ark may be unloaded , because 373/327 is again equal to 7 + 1/7. The result is right if as “seventh day” after 320 , we take the value 326,8, a moment in the seventh day, equal to the smallest part of the Golden Section of that day.


Noach and his family waited until the cycle was completed, before starting the festivities of their multiplication.


The captain was on the 27th day of the second month 601 years old. “





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