The Multiplication of the Breads


Explanation of number metaphors of New Testament Bible Texts



In metaphorical way “bread” is a “nucleus of wisdom” or “insight”. The Christ educated  those prepared to listen.

In the first story, New Testament-Marcus- 6:34-44, he was “feeding” 5000 people with “5” breads.

In the second “feeding”, New Testament – Marcus – 8:2-9, “approximately” 4000 people with “7” breads.

The second group was smaller than the first. The people from the second group already gathered knowledge, because they were already “three” days with him, but they were still “hungry” for more information.

The first group was informed about “5” elements as base for Jaweh’s schema. The symbol “5” stays model for the 5 sides of a regular inscribed pentagon, from which pentagrams are built.

Those pentagrams are an integral part of the reproduction model of the pyramidal schema. The circle around this pentagram may represent the little base of a trapezium generated from the exterior triangle. The c

circle itself may represent the rectangular circumference of the corresponding pyramid.

The radius of the circle is then the height of the golden section pyramid corresponding. Because the pyramidal model is of application on all events, we may relate the bread multiplication to the distribution of the planetary space in two domains.


The first multiplication of the “Breads”


Before executing the first wonder, the Christ “looked to the sky” and informed about the planetary space that is “visible”.

In antiquity only 6 planets were known, including the Earth. Saturn is the last planet visible of our Sun System with a normal eye’s view.

The story of the first bread multiplication is related to the first 5 good visible planets of our Sun System. The metaphors may be related to the reproduction of the first planetary domain, practical corresponding to the creation event “6”.

If the sum of the first 5 planets (equal 5,9880113 , see planet characteristics in book or website) is “multiplied” according the principles seen, a lot of possibilities are available to calculate the reproduction (multiplication on 0,776666, or 24, or powers of 10, …). For all this possibilities we may choice for the two successive Bread multiplications the same reproduction factor, example 10/K(Saturn) (K: see planet characteristics Saturn in book or website in Planet Characteristics). ; this is equal to 2 Phi. The proportion 10/K(Saturn) characterizes in the Old Testament the “Eastern” of Jaweh’s model.

Development of the sum of the first 5 planets, according the principle of the “Eastern of Eden”, gives each time higher models, because each “Eden” may be seen again as the “Eastern phase” of a higher situation.

After 8 reproductions according 10/k(Saturn) we get the expression:


(sum 5 first planet characteristics) x (2phi exp 8).


The sum of the first 5 planets stays symbol for the first 5 breads, or the first situation of insight in the planetary model.

The story tells “5000” people were fed. After the meal the disciples gathered the 12 “baskets” with “pieces”.

If the expression is divided by 5000, we get “12 pieces” (golden sections of golden sections) of the Unity, here symbolized by the proportion between the “Earth” and the “Moon” cycle :




     ((sum 5 first planets) x (2phi exp 8)) / 5000 = 12 x ((phi – 1) exp 5) x (T(Earth) / T(Moon))


Multiplication of Unity “1”


We may remark that (10/K(Saturn) exp 8 is the same as 1 x ((10/K(Saturn) exp 8). This is consequently a repetitive reproduction of the symbolic value “1” according the “Eastern” of Jaweh’s model.

It is remarkable that successive multiplication of the symbolic unity “1” after 8 steps corresponds with a perfect circle, with length 4 x (Pi exp 7) : fig 61.




The value Pi exp 7 is obtained by considering a circle with diameter “1” as diameter of the next, the last one being again the diameter of a circle with length Pi exp 3, and so on. The whole model references to the reproduction of the symbolic unity “1” in 8 phases.

We also know that (10/k(Saturn) exp 16 is a circle shaped mould of the Sun Cycle ; this circle is then equal to 4 x 4 x (Pi exp 7) x (Pi exp 7), see fig. 25 of the book and also Apeendix-6 of the book (and the website).

When we consequently take “1” as symbol for the Unity, we obtain via circle shaped repetitions the higher circle creating the Sun Cycle.

This circle is related to 4 x 4 or 6 x 0,666666 x 6 x 0,666666.

So the repetition mechanism of 6 is determining  the circle shaped repetition mechanism of the cosmos.


This way we also may explain the symbolic number of “priests” assuring the worship of the Ark. This number is 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 , via the pyramidal characteristic also responsible for the sequence of the first 9 numbers ( see appendix-10 of the book or the website).


Undefined  God


But the choice of “1” as symbol for Universal Unity is even relative as each other whole number, because whole  numbers are generated by the original split of Phi. So “1” is also equal to Phi x (Phi-1), indicating the polarization of “1” and evolution according a direct and reversed spiral.

All higher unity models are subject to plus – minus opposition. The Total Energy (God, Tao …) stays unreachable and undefined, like the splitting characteristic of Phi, a number that never ends and can’t be written.

We may only “symbolize” the Unity for example by 1,10,100 or 7 or Pi x 7 (Unity characteristic of the Sun Cycle) , but we can’t understand it.

Which symbol we may choice, the notion “Unity” continues on all levels with the same proportions.


Second multiplication of the Bread


We  now may investigate the second multiplication. Here we speak “about” 4000 people informed.

The 7 breads stay model for a system that is an immediate reflection of the proportion 7 within the Sun System.

For the sum of the last 4 planet characteristics (the higher echelon of the first 5 , see planet characteristics of book or website) this is clearly of application.

This because the sum of the last 4 planets , multiplied with the proportion between the small and big diagonal of a trapezium (4 times) is equal 7 :


(sum last 4 planets) x (0,776666 exp 4) = 7.


If we multiply the higher planetary domain the same way as the lower, we get “7 baskets” with “pieces”, as in the Bible text :





                ((sum last 4 planets) x (10/K(Saturn) exp 8)) / 4018 = 7 x (Phi –1) x (T(Earth) x T(Moon))


The text mentions “about” 4000 people informed. If we divide by 4018 instead of exactly 4000, we get 7 times a “piece” (golden section) of the proportion Earth and Moon cycle.


This proportion, like for the first multiplication, stays model for the hierarchical tendency of 7.




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Explanations are taken over in translated form from Het Geheimschrift van God ( The Sacred Language of God)

of Professor Kris Thijs, with the written authorization of Editor Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium, documents still under copy rights.





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