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Hexagonal and Platonic groundgeometry

Flower of Life and Unified Vector Grid






Hexagonal geometry , flower of life approach , is often used

as local geometry. For covering a sphere, earthglobe, always

at least 12 pentagons must be involved.




Local geometries are detailed in my Extended Links


The Unified Vector Grid, UVG, pentagonal - approach exists in  Google overlay developed by Prof. Hagens, USA, explanations :

  http://missionignition.net/bethe/ and  http://www.vortexmaps.com/hagens-grid-google.php


GOOGLE EARTH UVG colored vectors & circles encoding details :  http://www.vortexmaps.com/hagens-grid-google.php :

Red : Tetrahedron ; Yellow : Cube ; White : Octahedron ; Black : Icosahedron ; Green : Dodecahedron

Dark Blue : Rhombic Dodecahedron ; Violet : Rhombic Triacontahedron

Orange: Yang ; Light Blue : Yin ; Lime Green : Balance


The grid can be interactively simulated in a webpage with Google Earth Plugin (free download)

The standard known UVG grid above, used on internet websites, is aligned Northpole and Gizeh :

Standard UVG grid example (interactive globe scrolling)

Other UVG alignments can be simulated with overlay generator for Google Earth.

UVG simulations and generation of the Google Earth overlays (KML/KMZ files) by simulator Tom Montalk :


There seems correspondence between UVG grids and ancient hypothetical worldmappings,

seen positions of ancient buildings : stone circles , pyramids , temples , new colony towns etc ,

Examples :

STONE CIRCLES : alignment  Beaghmor-Ireland / Northpole

The UVG on Beaghmor Tyrone ( about 30 stone circles in the environment, Northern Ireland ) links directly to

the stone circles in Rusia, Vera Island near UVG node-point !!! , and Indian stone circles ,

Kalula on major vector crossing point , and Drugdhamna on UVG node point !!!

further in line to Thiruporur at Indian coast crossing to Sri Lanka !!!



Beaghmor Tyrone / Northpole UVG simulation  (interactive globe scrolling)


PYRAMIDS : alignment Somapura-Ancient India / Northpole

This UVG simulation is based on the research of Geolines Rusia of Basil Petrov with an historic geodetic major node-point

near Somapura in Bangladesh ( near confluence point  of major Himalaya rivers )


Stone Henge, Gizeh , Great Zimbabwe, Chineese pyramids , etc , are all aligned in worldcircles on this point,

with an antipode major node - point before the Inca coasts.


Click :

Sundaland / "Allison middlepoint" UVG simulation (interactive globe scrolling)

The “Allison middlepoint” is socalled from his fabulous geodetic research

http://home.hiwaay.net/~jalison/phi2.html , see circle middlepoint


You can download this UVG overlay Yourself and open it in Goole Earth :


(don’t forget to add the file specification “ .KML “ to the file name choosen !)



Other meaningfull examples of simulation in Google Earth Plugin :

Adams Calendar NEAR Standard UVG (interactive globe scrolling)

Sphinx - Gizeh NEAR Standard UVG (interactive)

Google Earth Atlantic/s Grid - ROTATION Standard UVG ( interactive )

Portulans Piri Reis Map  (interactive)

Visokos Pyramids Triangle UVG (interactive )


(webpage under further development)









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