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One day I found the forgotten Dutch works of Belgian Professor Thijs making  links between ancient and actual knowledge.

In 10 books  ( 1985 – 1999 )  he discovers   a golden-section-pyramidal  computing  model that is valid for ancient astronomy and modern positive sciences. This “computing  - model “ is present in the structure of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops  and is referenced in the explicit number metaphors in the Bible  , in both cases for astronomical purposes. Because the  Biblical Ark-of-Covenant “numbers” were the keys for Prof. Thijs to decode the Cheops energy-model we may call it the :

CHEOPS – Bible – CODE . For Professor Thijs it reveals an ancient superior knowledge concerning the development of energy fields in the cosmos. This knowledge is coherent with actual positive sciences and  their mathematical – physical constants. No wonder  that  in  ancient  Khemitian   ( Egyptian )  the Greek word “pyramid”  is  “ Per – Neter” probably meaning  House of Nature, House of Energy” .




                                       Naturologic Chronicles /NL(*): Naturologische Chronycken, Ankher – Kortessem, 1985


                                                      Hidden Logic /NL: Verborgen Logica, Ankher – Kortessem, 1987 


                                          The Divine Music Scale /NL: De Goddelijke Toonladder, Boek – Zonhoven, 1989


                                                  Hidden (Ana)logic /NL: Verborgen Analogica, Boek – Zonhoven, 1990


                                   Cheops, a Bible of Stone /NL: Cheops, een Bijbel van Steen, Boek – Zonhoven, 1993


                            Pentagrams of Time and Space /NL: Pentagrammen van Tijd en Ruimte, Ankher - Kortessem 1994


                              The Secret Code of the Bible /NL: De Geheime Code van de Bijbel, Ankher – Kortessem, 1995


                                                       There is no Chaos /NL: Er is geen Chaos, ECO – Press – Gent, 1996


          The pyramid: Design of Bible and Cosmos /NL:De pyramide: Plan van Bijbel en Cosmos, CKR – Begijnhofpoort – Diest, 1997


                      The Secret Language of God /NL: Het Geheimschrift van God, Guido Maes Millennium Productions, 1999








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Thanks to Guido Maes , Editor – Printer, of  Millennium Productions at Gent in Belgium , the internet-diffusion of some topics of Prof. Thijs works became  possible. Meantime also  Guido Maes  died, short after Prof. Kris Thijs.


Warning : The content of the books maybe shocking  for some traditional religious, scientific and historical point of views worldwide, but also esoterical views!



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