The New Jerusalem



Explanation of Prof. Thijs in his 10th book Het Geheimschrift van God (The Secret Language of God)

(Translation with the written authorisation of the editor Millennium Productions Belgium)


Bible Text, Revelations, 21:1 ; 21:10-27

Explanation of number metaphors of New Testament Bible Texts





Measuring with the Golden Section



The Town is measured with the “Golden Birch” , synonym for the el as universal measure, originating from the “Golden Section” or section divina, in which the Unity is dividing itself.

The Town has 12 porches and is 12000 “stadii” long , large and high. By this symbolic measures we can see that the text in “revelations” of the Bible relates to the pyramidal model.

The “New Jerusalem” may indeed be presented by a cube with a side “12”. The contents then equals 12 x 12 x 12  and correlates precisely with 3 times 700 pyramidal contents with height 1.



Pearls of Love



The Town has measures referring to our Earth’s situation and the Ark of Noach (see  top Ark number methaphors ).

With “1” el for 1 “stadius “ (like “one day for one year”) we may calculate that the relation between the content of the Town and the content of the Ark of Noach is equal to 3.840.000. This refers to the distance relation between the Earth and the Moon (in average 384.400 km).

The Town of God is surrounded by 12 porches, equal as pearls, and also surrounded by a wall of 144 el or 12 x 12 el ;  and 12 el is the length of a circle with radius 1 (characteristic of the Earth). A circle of 12 el represents in this case Pluto, where Pluto is a symbol for love and transition to a higher echelon.

Twelve similar circles constitute then 12 porches or “pearls” of love.





The “Pearls” may be associated with 10 Moon cycles, corresponding to the average pregnancy period ( see schema fig. 68 ).

If we consider the wall around the Town as the  height of a pyramid, then the circumference of the base of this pyramid is equal to 12 x 12 x 2 x Pi el.

If we take a height which is 7 times bigger, then it is equal to 12 X 12 x r(Earth) / r(moon), because r(Earth)/ r(Moon) = 7 el (top-height of “Cheops pyramid).

Because the radius of the circle contains the measurement between the Earth and the Moon, each of the porches is 7 times bigger and may be identified as 10 Moon cycles, corresponding to the human pregnancy time of 9 month or 10 moon cycles. When the human child is born it has an average length of 52,36cm or 1 el.



The 24 Eldern


(Bible, Revelations 4:4 (schema fig 69) ; 4:9 )


The Town of God is governed by the One, which is surrounding itself with 24 Eldern, dressed in blanc cloth and with Golden Crowns on their heads.

This is represented in fig. 69 schema.


Here the 24 Eldern represents the hierarchies of 7 and 10 of our planet system on measure 666.


If we draw a circle with radius 7 x 1000 then 700 x 24 or 7 x 2400 is the smallest piece of the golden section of that circle.


This magnitude is the level of a situation of profound changes.


This is why in Revelations 4:9 it is said that the 24 Eldern  are putting down their Crowns when the Apocalyps starts.


On a precise day, hour and place the cosmic rearrangement is inevitable for the preservation of the balance and the continuation of evolution rulings.

In schema fig. 69 we may represent a pentagram in a circle, being again symbol for the hierarchy generating this. Within this circle the side of the contained 10-angle, represents our total Sun System, viewed as the  relation between our Earth and her Moon, in relation to 2 Phi.

As well the relation Earth-Moon as the Eastern relation factor (see Ark of Covenant number metaphors) are universal elements in lower and higher cosmic systems.





Also 666 is a every time returning element in the composition of spacing and timing. This “number of human being and beast” symbolizes indeed the repetition of the splitting mechanism of unity 7 (see appendix-25 of book or website). This is an evident example of the polarization-principle on all levels of creations.

The description of “human being” represents the  relative positive, and “beast” the relative negative tendency in evolution mechanisms. Like we investigated the unity 7 contains the nucleus of unity 10 in itself ; consequently the hierarchy of 24 Eldern – as expression of “fractioning” in higher unity models of order 10 – at the same time refers to hierarchies of order 7. Power line “24 “ repeats itself in lower and higher situations. It symbolizes a relative finished process and a “fractioning” in a higher unity-circle.


Our planet system is related to magnitude 240. Within a circle ( geometrical maths, visual maths) with as sum our planet characteristics (see planet characteristics in book or website), we may represent the pentagram 240 (see fig. 24 of book, hidden relations in cosmos and our planet system).

This situation also may be seen as the immediate relation of the unity pentagram of our planet system. If we multiply the planet characteristics with the pentagram in a circle with radius 1, the result is 240. So 240 may be seen as a relative finished process in the evolution of our Sun System.


When that point is reached, a new cycle starts with an “apocalyptic” beginning. In Appendix-10 (see book or website) we show in a constructive way that 240, in relation to 6, is responsible for the sequence of the first 9 “numbers”. In this, 240, is a direct consequence of the level – distribution within a pyramidal model.


The same “apocalyptic tendency”  is also typical for the proportions within our planet system. The 24 hour rhythm of the Earth day may be seen as a reflection of varying situations. Also some planet proportions/relations symbolize the apocalyptic character of the Universe. For example the relation between Neptune (symbol for higher sciences) and Mercury ( symbol for traditional thinking ) . The proportions of the distances of both planets to the Sun is exactly equal to 100 times 0,776666 or 24 times 2 Phi. This gives an image of the tremendous tension field between higher insights and thinking in dust. If somebody with traditional thinking and ideas suddenly comes in contact with the genius of Neptune, he becomes victim of intolerable physical and psychical tensions.


What is of application for the big gap between the Neptune and the Mercury consciousness, is also true for the efforts to be done to reach higher insights. For those aspirations “Uranus” may stay model. In comparison  with lower “Mars” motivations, “Uranus” is the unreachable “circle”, because we know that the proportion in distance of Mars and Uranus to the Sun are the reflection of a circle containing the pentagram 240 (see fig. 24 of book). The same circle is found 70 times bigger ,in fig. 69 as enveloping pentagram 70 x 240. Uranus and Neptune belongs together. They symbolize both necessary material and spiritual transformations. This also may be deducted from the product of their distances to the Sun, practical equal to 24 x 24. On the way of more knowledge and insight a battle must be achieved. So Lucas affirms that a camel goes more easy through the eye of a needle, than a person with material ambitions achieves a place in the Kingdom of God (Lucas, Bible, 18:25).


Priests around the Ark of Covenant


As seen, the circle around the pentagram 24 x 700 is also a projection of the total number of priests in charge of the worship in the Temple and around the Ark of Covenant. Their number is 22300. This number reflects a circle around the pentagram, because 22,3 x 22,3 x 22,3 is equal to the length of it. The number 22.300 is a symbolic reference to the total number of initiated surrounding the higher model of our Sun System on mate 666.


The worship of the Temple and the Ark were done only by 22000 priest “retained” , because this symbolic number is a reference to the Sun Cycle and the worship within the reference of our Sun System.


A Tent and a Book for all seasons


Always the New Jerusalem arises from the ashes of the Old One.


This idea is controlling accurately the buildings and the plans of renewing and refreshing.


Old neighbours, streets and squares are demolished and the fundaments for new architecture, giving a roof to new generations. They are a further building on the experience and the knowledge of ancient habitants.


Our planet system is a neighbour in the Milky-way , contracted by Saturn from the energy fields of the Sun, who is itself the result of a split of a process in two identical pieces following a procedure  that we classify (because not understanding) under “accidental” and “chaos” (see appendix-13 of book or website).

The Town of God is the homesick place of our planet area and a symbolic transcription of the Ark of Covenant, applied on concrete astronomical situations and the human being with a soul.


The Town of God is build on the fundament of 12 hierarchies and surrounded by a wall of 144 el, equal to 12 times the planet characteristic of Pluto, symbol for altruism and permanent renewing on the cadence of the el, following human mate, equal to angel-mate (Bible ,Revelations 21:17).


In the Town there is no temple, because God is the Temple (Bible, Revelations, 21:12)


In the Bible we may find a real knowledge hidden in the secret numbers and metaphors.


Those laws are governing all seasons and are a real matrix for a religion, science and philosophy.






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Explanations are taken over in translated form from Het Geheimschrift van God ( The Sacred Language of God)

of Professor Kris Thijs, with the written authorization of Editor Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium, documents still under copy rights.





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