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Related Metageometries & Alternative History


Cheops , Gizeh & Biblical Sacred Geometry :



Cheops : Astronomical & Biblical Ark of Covenant Codes by late Docent Electrical Engeneering Kris Thijs

10 books :

Related Website Link : Prof. Michael Joyce , Chemistry , UK :

( based on translations of Prof. Thijs works : extended comments and new research )



Cheops and Gizeh Sound Geometry : Sacred SOUND Geometry by Ir. Alfonso Rubino

Related Websites Links : related sound systems :

Gurdjieff decoded by Mitzi Dewhitt :

Atoms and Octaves by Maryel Gardyne :

Related Link

Related Link

Science of Harmonics by Hans Kayser :

Pythagorean Sciences and Harmonic Keyboards :



Sacred Geography : UVG - Unified Vectoring Grids Hagens & Becker

Ancient Spherical PHI Grids



The Unified Vector Grid or UVG : by Prof. Hagens , Anthropology , USA :

Examples of ancient earthgrids : Earth Globe Meta Geometries & Geodetic History

Related Websites Links : Google Earth applications & gridoverlays to download :

Dan Shaw of Vortexmaps :

PHI GRIDS & UVG simulations + automatic generation Google Earth overlays (KML/KMZ files) :


Special pages : alternative histories related ancient groundgeometries and earthgrids :

Transoceanic history , ancient sciences , Inca geometry , Viking and Templars in America :

Links Prof. Pierre Carnac

Links Prof. Jacques de Mahieu

Works Prof. de Mahieu online : : Megalithic, Trojan, Celtic , Viking , Templar presences Americas

Indian culture and transoceanic voyages :

Worldwide research articles on Diffusionism by Dr. History Christine Pellech , Austria

Worldwide script diffusion tables by Archeolog-Linguist Prof. Biados ( subwebsite Prof. Legner , California )

OGAM script findings at CHEOPS AND GIZEH Caves and Tunnels from NC2 :

Author Richard Gabriel , book & website Echoes from the Chamber


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