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                  Translations token over from Het Geheimschrift van God ( The Sacred Language of God, pag 124 – 131 ) of

 Professor Kris Thijs, with the written authorization of Editor Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium, documents still under copy rights.




“The composition of the number of soldiers who have to protect the Meeting Tent in the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern direction is given in fig. 41.




To prove that the distribution of the soldiers on the points of compass corresponds exactly to the pyramidal model of cosmological evolution, it is sufficient to prove that the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern Armies are demonstrating exactly a trapezium relationship.

The trapezium is a consequence of the development model of the exterior triangle of the pyramid,see appendix 2 of 32 of this book of Prof. Thijs :  goto appendix-2            

This model can be translated by equivalent circles and pentagrams.

To simplify we divide the numbers by 1000. This operation does not change the correspondence, because the pyramid is a symbol for universal relationships and not precise values. So we have to consider the total Army value as 603,55 distributed in Eastern (186,4), Southern (151,45), Western (108,1) and Northern (157,6).


The total number of soldiers


Concerning the total number of soldiers (603,55) we see an immediate relation with the cycle time of the Sun around the centre of our galaxy. The number 603,55 is nothing else than the third root extraction of 220 million ( or Pi X 7 X 10exp7).

The value 603,55 can be compared with the definition of the planets characteristics being (sun distance/ sidereal cycle time). Every planet’s characteristic is also the third root extraction of the cycle time of the planet. Like the planet characteristics relates to the cycle time, on the same way 603,55 relates to the Sun cycle, normally an unknown notion at that time.


The Eastern number of soldiers


The number of soldiers of the Eastern side of the Tent (186,4) is the little diagonal of the trapezium, as treated in the previous second topic, and is composed from the pyramidal structure ( see also appendix 2/32). Of this pyramidal structure our Solar system ( sum of the planet characteristics) is the height. Figure 42 shows how 186,4 is related to the pentagram 240.





As mentioned earlier we can also use as sum for the planets characteristics ( and so for the Solar system ) the value 25,235 instead of the calculated value 25,227337. This generally gives a high degree of accuracy in the construction.

The Eastern number of soldiers relates to the whole planet system ; the whole as well as the Solar cycle, were normally unknown notions at that time.

What is more, the Eastern number of soldiers is related to 240, or 6 X 6 X 6,666666, showing a relative finished process, after which everything restarts; the same way a new day cycle starts after 24 hours.  By analogy 240 is the symbol for a new and bigger cosmic period. In the same way the Apocalypse is a metaphor closely related to 240. This story is models for the closing and,  at the same time,  the restart of a big cycle.


But there is more. The Eastern number of soldiers is a direct indication for the relation factor 2 Phi or for 10/ K.Saturn  ( K = planet characterictics) of the pyramidal schema. From the Solar cycle ( presented as 603,55) origins the Eastern value 186,4 equal to 603,55 divided by 10/K.Saturn. The hierarchical factor 2 Phi is the factor from which the Solar cycle may be deducted, because on the measure 2 Phi or 10/K.Saturn we get a “circle” around 220 million.

With the same relation 2 Phi  we can find thus from 603,55 the Eastern number of soldiers, and the East (186,4) is in turn again the base for a lower level : the planets system as a whole. The reason is: if you draw the Eastern symbolically as a system “in development”, then you get the whole planets system.

The figure shows how from the side of the pentagon (figure 43) the big base of the trapezium can be formed, while the big diagonal represents the Solar system.




note by Prof. Michael Joyce:
1- each line in the circle, which constitutes the 5-pointed star, is one fifth of the number of Eastern soldiers, that is 186,4/5.
2- and most importantly that measurememnts are in SI units, thus eliminating the confusion when Imperial ones are used. (So here the length will be 186,4/5 metres). See also further remarks : click on  Remarks of Prof. M. Joyce




We also see that the side of the tenfold angle in the circle is the oblique side of the trapezium. This is equal to the root of the height of the great Pyramid of Gizeh.

The Eastern ( 186,4 ) is on his own a higher model of our solar system (figure 44)




The relation between 186,4 and the sum of the planets is equal to the relation between Pluto and Venus, which is equal  to the relation between a higher and a lower form of harmony. The Eastern number, that shows the relation 2 Phi ( or 10/K.Saturn ) differs from the total number, can be considered as the lower domain of the total number.


The Southern Number of Soldiers


From the Eastern number of soldiers we can deduce the planets system as a whole. As we shall see further in the topic the Children of Saturn, our planet domain is nothing else than the materialization of a higher energy field under impulse of “ Saturn”, symbol for contraction.

The Southern side follows the Eastern and logically should give additional information on our planets system. This is the case, for the numeric value 151,45 as a symbol for the South is the measure of the limitation of our planets system by Pluto and Mercury. The number relates to the astronomical relation of the distances of Pluto and Mercury to the sun, if we relate 151,45 to the yard ( ell) . We then get the relation between the frontiers of our planet domain and the repetition factor 0,776666:

145,45 ell = 195 ell x 0,776666.

In all, this 195 ell is exactly equal to the relation of the distances of Pluto and Mercury ( with 1 ell = 0,5236 ). The value 0,776666 corresponds to the relation between the little and the bigger diagonal of the most outside trapezium that is involved in the development of the pyramid.

The Southern is therefore a structural consequence of the Eastern side.

We can also see the Southern side as a connection of the planets system with the creation rhythm of 6. The product of 25,235 x 6 is practically equal to 151,45.

If this product is represented as a pentagram, it fits in a circle with a circumference practically equal to 100. (figure 45)




So we can see that our planet system cannot be separated from the rhythm 6 and  10.

At the same time this originates from the hierarchical tendency  of 7.



The Western Number of Soldiers


Like the Southern side shows the most important figure factors of our planets structure and symbolically  the limits of our planets domain, so the Western side give more details about the composition of our Sun system, the planets and their moons.

So the relation between the Earth and the Moon can be deduced from the Western numbers. A drawing of the Western side as a pentagram, including the additional side,  gives the relation between the moon and the earth cycle ( figure 46 ).




Another important factor, in relation to the structure of composing domains, are situations known as “bifurcation” and “ chaos”.

The relation between the Eastern and Western soldiers explains these situations. This relation is exactly equal to the relation between the surface of the trapezium and one of the triangles composing it ( figure 46 ).





The meaning is that a process ( here represented by the surface of the trapezium ) can be split  into two “pieces” ( the two triangles forming the trapezium).


This kind of “bifurcation” or “split” is exactly what happens when for example we double for the first time a population of insects , or when for example the numbers of the moons of Jupiter are doubling. The “chaotic” behaviour is a logical consequence of a split within the same trapezium, which brings about the formation of the two triangles.


The Northern number of Soldiers


The Northern Army ( 157,6 ) is the last one to defend the Ark. It’s the symbol for a transition phase after which everything starts again. ( figure 48 ).




The pentagram 157,6 is perfectly equal to Phi x Pi exp 4,  in which  Pi exp 4 is the pentagon from which the pentagram grows. In other words the pentagram of the North shows us how in nature a process continues this evolution. A process continues in the shape of “circles” ( equivalent models of pyramids ), this in connection with the Phi rulings.



Here Pi exp 4 is a very special circle, originating from the previous ones, starting from a diameter of 1 , as a symbol for the unity-process ( figure 49 ).




The construction of the North shows us that the encoders of these texts know perfectly well Phi and Pi, a fact that is considered as impossible for that time.

We find Pi as 3,1415367; mathematically with 1/1000 % accuracy it is 3,1415926.

With the same precision the encoders use Phi, because 157,6 is exactly equal to

100 + 184,6/2 PHI  ( I guess 186,4 but this is an exact translation) “





The last book of Prof. Thijs also contains  32  appendices with schemas and conclusions out of his 9 previous books.



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Explanations are taken over in translated form from Het Geheimschrift van God ( The Sacred Language of God)

of Professor Kris Thijs, with the written authorization of Editor Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium, documents still under copy rights.





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