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            Part 1      The New Jeruzalems :” Below, as Above”


This webpages will give an extended bibliography and link to websites,   summarizing the research I followed  the last  few years , actually being retired.

I never readed books , except  computer manuals for teaching. One day I went to the library for my children , and saw a promotion of the Dutch translated book of  Adrian Gilbert : The 3 Magi . Today he  has his own website, click,  Open the stargate . Because we have in Belgium a tremendous folklore and veneration around the 3 Magi , I toke the book who completely changed my vision on history and sciences.

In his book  the “3 Magi” , Adrian Gilbert mentioned the Alexandrian Egyptian work the “Corpus Hermeticum”as an exceptional work. One year after I readed the “3 Magi” , never reading other books, I dreamed of the “Corpus Hermeticum” book, and decided to search it. It was a beauty of high level mystical literature totally unknown for me.


On the Hermetical Philosophy a large private library exist at Amsterdam in the Netherlands ; they translated also  the Corpus Hermeticum.

Click, Dutch Library .


The bibliography in the book brought me to many other writers in the esoterical and eastern philosophical world : Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Bailey , and Taoistic mystical monks.


I was totally amazed by the I’Ching trigrams, because it seemed computer binary to me. I was still more amazed when I saw in Leibniz biography that he received the trigrams from the Vatican and deducted binary and other counting systems from it. This was, still more amazing , millennia after Sumerians and Egytians played already with multiple counting systems (also the Mayans did long before Leibniz ).                                                  


Asking myself often how the ancients were so advanced scientist , it appears that astronomy (and astrology) played a very important role.


Our ancestors were excellent astronomers with  “stonehenge’s” , that may well be compared with our space projects of today. It still will impact  our visions , our technologies  and our believes today.

Also ancient Egypt had originally his “Stonehenges” like the Nasa mentioned recently : click Egyptian desert Stonehenge (NASA) . I guess millennia of  scientific evaluations of space and time resulted finally in mystical texts like the “Corpus Hermeticum” in Alexandrian context


The book “Uriel’s Machine” (based on the book of Henoch ! ) by engeneers  Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight (click on Urielmachine ) describes exactly the working of  those “Stonehenges”.


The book “The Origin Map: Discovery of a Prehistoric, Megalithic, Astrophysical Map and Sculpture of the Universe” ,

click Thomas G. Brophy , describes in very detail the “Stonehenge” of Nabta Playa , millennia older than Stonehenge. Click on Nabta .



Still another observatory is Namoratunga in Sudan/Kenya,  near lake  Turkana, click:

http://library.thinkquest.org/C0118421/africakenya.html and


It seems to correspond the Borana Calendar of the Cushites .


At the other site of Africa, Nigeria : 350 circles were found !

Archeological  Excavations : Igbo Ukwu


Nigerian monoliths :

Alok Ikom stone  monoliths environment ; 30  stone circles in Cross River environment :





Cross River Monoliths or socalled “akwanshi” examples :

Cross River region 'akwanshi' in a circle in the forest in Ejagham area (arh3526-1-140)

  1. Single Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nta style) (arh3526-1-141)
  2. Cross River region 'akwanshi' (phallic form obvious) (arh3526-1-142)
  3. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nta style) (arh3526-1-143)
  4. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nta style) (arh3526-1-144)
  5. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nta style) (arh3526-1-145)
  6. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nselle style) (arh3526-1-146)
  7. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nselle style) (arh3526-1-147)
  8. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nselle style) (arh3526-1-148)
  9. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nselle style) (arh3526-1-149)
  10. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nnam style) (arh3526-1-150)
  11. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nnam style) (arh3526-1-151)
  12. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nnam style) (arh3526-1-152)
  13. Cross River region 'akwanshi'  (Nnam style)  (arh3526-1-153)

See also the works of Prof. Acholonu of Nigeria:

Research Website of Prof. Acholonu : http://www.carcafriculture.org/catherine.htm

Literature of Prof. Catherine Obianuju Acholonu :

Her major titles include:

1.    The Earth Unchained – A Quantum Leap in Consciousness (A Reply to Al Gore)

2.    Motherism – The Afro-centric Alternative to Feminism

3.    The Igbo Roots of Olaudah Equiano

4.    Africa the New Frontier; Towards a Truly Global Literary Theory for the 21st Century

5.    (Trilogy)The Gram Code of African Adam, Stone Books and Cave Libraries – Reconstructing 450,000 Years of Africa’s Lost Civilizations

6.            (Trilogy)They Lived Before Adam

           7.    (Trilogy) THE LOST TESTAMENT OF THE ANCESTORS OF ADAM ,2010


The megaliths go very far into the pacific :  example : New Zealand : click on :



And we not forget by Kameswara Rao,  click :  Aspects of prehistoric astronomy in India 


It seems millennia ago a megalithic high level culture existed worldwide , resulting in high level visual maths , sacred geometry and geography.


Many ancient charts are today  under examination and research,  by many researchers on the web : example : Belgian Archaeo-astronomer Pierre Lacroix : click on    mapmakers of the ice age  He shows how worldwide major ancient towns are mapped in a geometric pattern 12000 years ago and must have belonged to a transoceanic very high level culture.  This may relate Platos Atlantis story received from Egypt ? The many possible locations for Atlantis are also discussed by Prof. Carnac in his book : L’Atlantide, autopsie d'un mythe ,  Le Rocher, 2001, see subwebsite of Prof. Carnac, click on Books of Prof. Carnac .


Also linguistic and archaeological research points in the same direction as  the Archaeo-astronomy :

See websites  Edo Nyland  and  James Guthrie


Advanced mathematical knowledge was also applied in advanced astronomy by the Sumerians , like described recently by Nienhuis on

Graham Hancock’s website click on the hexagonal system .


It took me a lot of time to see that the ancients used a square matrix in different sizes to represent circles and combinations. Often , like the chess matrix, it relates to astronomy and in the beginning the moon – houses. I was totally amazed to see that Smith , a USA physician, described much more in detail those lunar matrixes and binary matrixes in his 3000 pages website that actually You may download free of charge.

For the Smith matrixes click on binary matrixes or lunar matrixes . This aspect was also studied by Prof. Thijs , see in his subwebsite , translated topic  out of book 3 of him : Hidden Analogic : click Triangle 36 . I was so amazed about the works of Prof. Thijs, that I translated several topics of his works  and put them on a website : click on :  AS ABOVE , AS BELOW : Egyptian and Jewish astronomy and geometry, compatible with actual positive sciences.


Played astrological  geometries present in the sky  an important role in geometries on the ground? : click on  Vesica Piscis .


In his last book Prof. Thijs treated also the Biblical New Jeruzalem text :  see topic in this website .

Recently I found a book of Robert  Feather , The Copper Scroll Decoded. It makes the relation between the Jewish Qumram Essenes and the town of Echnaton in Egypt :  see description .


Pharao Echnatons town Amarna or Achetaton in Egypt has many steles . They seems to correspond many geometric figures implemented as sacred patterns into the town : was Amarna of pharaos Nefertiti and Achetaton  “The Old Jeruzalem” ? See next pages for the geometric layout of Amarna.


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         Part 2          Sacred Geometry & Groundgeometry  Worldwide


Town Amarna of Pharao Echnaton in Egypt, Jeruruzalem and Qumran in Israel, Rennes in France , Glastonburry in England , Templars France and Canadas Nova Scotia, even Chichen Itza and Tiahuanaco, all seems to play with geometric patterns on the ground : towns layout, temple platforms, towns configurations for whole regions or subcontinents!


Sacred   ground geometry  applies at Jeruzalem, see the The New Jeruzalem book and website by  John Michell :

click below on Solomons Temple (town grid)


Also at the Rennes Region in France ,  click geometry of Rennes , corresponding   the book  The Holy Place , written by Henry Lincoln .


This was extended in the book  The Tomb of God , written by Paul Schellenberger and Richard Andrews, where a  golden section pyramid is built from a double square by a 15° rotation.


Then Richard Andrews wrote the book  Blood on the Mountain (Jeruzalems Temple Mount), giving the maps of Solomons temple area, found by Officer Warren’s archaeological research.


The same Gizeh pyramidal logic appears at Solomons Temple, Pharao Echnaton (Mozes ?) town Amarna, Templars towns at Rennes, and Qumram buildings of the Essenes ( here , with the same orientation  as Amarna in Egypt )  :


                                                                       CORRESPONDING SCHEMAS


                                                                  pyramidal with 15° double square rotation





                                                                             Application  Solomons Temple






                                                                             Application  Echnatons Amarna




                                                                                      Application  Templars region Rennes




                                                                                       Application   Qumram’s Essenes Buildings






                                                                                                 Application   Templars France






In the last schema , Vélezay is the main town of the Maria Magdalena cult in France. At Bouillon,face to face to the cathedral of Amiens, we have the Castle of Godefroid de Bouillon, King of Jeruzalem , and founder of the Sion Order and the Templars.


Further, with Coustassa as center , Henry Lincoln described the above  “flower of life”- circles also at Rennes in his book the Holy Place :




( for a description of the “flower of life modulator” , see an excellent article of Andrew Monkman on world-mysteries )





As well for Rennes , as for France, the respective researchers  Lincoln as Morph , used the schema hidden in the paintings of Teniers and Poussin : hidden geometry corresponding Rennes coded texts . The paintings and texts  giving remarkable geometric correspondance  on the ground,  click on  :


France Pyramidal  on the website of  Morph ( click on  : the  staf of Mercury  for his website ) .


Are we not here clearly  in the context of the Templars and the Order of Sion ?

Meantime hundreds of similar groundgeometries were decoded through Europe, often in Templars context :

See fabulous website Templar Mechanics , click on http://www.templarmechanics.com/templar_detail.asp?templarid=48


Was the Egyptian groundgeometry first spreaded worldwide,   later recognized or recovered by the Templars in Europa and Americas?


For many pyramidal relations by Italian Ir.  Alfonso Rubino  click  Gizeh Sound Structures

Out of his website : Rubino Works with remarkable geometry pages on Egypt, Middle Ages and Aztecs :

Example Egypt : click : Denderah

Example Middle Ages and later : click : Dee and Boehme

Example Aztecs : click : Sun Stone



Part 3               The lost Tribes and The New World


Was the Egyptian groundgeometry first spreaded worldwide, and later recognized or recovered by the Templars in Europa and Americas?


Exceptional research was done on the megalithic cultures by drs. Reinoud de Jonge. He explains their worlwide navigational mapping carved in stones and reflected in monuments like Stonehenge and the tomb of Frances Dissignac : see his  book  De Stenen Spreken (  The Stones Speaking ). In his second book  Sungod his findings are extended to the Americas. Also for him , the Egyptian superpower of that time helped the Olmec culture to startup. Perhaps (I think) this is a new possible explanation of  similar ground geometries in Egypt as in the  Inca state . The website of researcher de Jonge is on ,click  Sungod


Middle and South America also developed similar ground geometries: websites :

Middle - America  and  Ancient America


Also interesting sites:


on Nacza and prehistoric France : geometric decodings :




and for Native American Geometry  :


http://www.earthmeasure.com/foundations/ (especially Chaco Canyon, perfect Solomon Seal Solstices, Hexagon.)



The continental townsposition / groundgeometry of the Incas is  unbelievable, and is of the same type as the geometric layout of Echnatons town  Amarna (18th Egyptian Dynasty).



The basic schema is from Prof. Carnac , and called the Viracocha Road and geometry

of the Egyptian town Amarna of Pharao Echnaton .


Meantime scholar Ivan Van Sertima describes in his 3 books on the presence of Africa in America, that the weaving techniques of the Incas is exactly the same as those of the 18th Egyptian Dynast ( Echnaton ), see his books :

They Came before Columbus , African Presence in Early America, and  Early America revisited.


Of course we must not underestimate the role of Ancient India in America : see :

Hindu Wisdom - Pacific were you can find a Mayan temple in Indonesia !


But it is remarkable also , that Pharao Echnaton was also  the son-in-law to Dasharatha, the Mitanni king  (near Indian culture) :

click on : Hindu Wisdom - India and Egypt


Anyway in India and  the Far Eastern,  the application of geometry in architecture is fabulous, see

Architectural Survey - Table of Contents



Went some followers of Echnaton (and Mozes ? ) to South America , and are they the Biblical Lost Tribes?

Were the Egyptians helped by Hindous and Indonesians to get there?

Had Solomon further contacts with South America for the import of his massive gold stocks ?

Later the Templars seem to import massive silver stocks from South America , see on next page.


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