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My children married time allows me some freedom when not babysitting the gran children.

When child myself my parents went to Africa near the Ruwenzori mountains and the Great Lakes feeding the Nile.

For college I was sent to Europe in a contemplative monastery.

Teaching and selling in the computer domain I came in the opposite professional world.

Retired, I readed some remarkable books of Professors Thijs of Belgium , Carnac Todericiu of Roumania France, de Mahieu of France Argentina , Pistilli of Paraguay , and website writings of Prof. Hagens ,USA , on UVG worldgridgeometries.

This brought me into the often esoteric domain of alternative history , science and methodologies ,

reflected today on this multiple websites and webpages.





It seems brillant civilizations existed in the far past, some unknown aspects were recovered at first view by the Templars and also following esoteric movements of last centuries .Today more and more academic alternative researchers, of which some presented on this websites, are recovering this knowledge and completing our usual sciences and methodologies.


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