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                              CHEOPS- Ark of COVENANT CODES



Professor Kris Thijs  has written 10 unknown books in Dutch relinking ancient to modern sciences. His last book of 350 pages concerns the Bible Geometric Encodings : astronomy – astrology,  pyramidal cosmology, relinking the Ark of Covenant to the Great Pyramid of Cheops.


As an amazing  example some of  the unexplained explicit number metaphors in the Old and New Testament of book nr 1 in the world :


                                                                                                 the Bible.


                                                   Numbers who passed the centuries and on which nobody payed any attention ! 


                                                                Its pure archaeoastronomy:


See the Numbers of Soldiers protecting the Arktent of Mozes : goto Ark tent of Mozes

             Ark of the Covenant, Bible Old Testament, Books Numeri 1 and 2.

             Book 10 of Prof. Thijs, translation of page 124 – 131.

See also the 12 Tribes Numbers protecting the Ark of Covenant : goto Ark of Covenant of Mozes

             Ark of the Covenant, Bible Old Testament, Books Numeri 1 an 2.

             Book 10 of Prof. Thijs, translation Appendix-24.

See also the Numbers of Priests protecting the Holiest of Holiest : goto the Holiest of Holiest of Mozes

             Ark of the Covenant, Bible Old Testament, Book  Numeri 3.

             Book 10 of Prof. Thijs, translation Appendix-10.   


As well the Old as the New Testament contains in many topics “number – metaphors” related to astronomy and advanced knowledge of energy-fields and rhythms in the cosmos. They are all described in this last book of Prof. Thijs :


The numbers of the Ark of Noach : go to Noach


The multiplications numbers of the Bread : go to the Multiplication


The numbers of the New Jeruzalem : go to Jeruzalem




For Professor Thijs all this  reveals an ancient superior knowledge concerning the development of energy fields in the cosmos. This knowledge is coherent with actual positive sciences and their mathematical – physical constants , see topic 4 of this website.

It seems Prof. Thijs discovered a kind of archaeoastrophysics/metaphysics  giving patterns of evolution and abolition of phenomena.


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Explanations are taken over in translated form from Het Geheimschrift van God ( The Sacred Language of God)

of Professor Kris Thijs, with the written authorization of Editor Guido Maes Millennium Productions Belgium, documents still under copy rights.





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