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KIM-1 - Hardware Manual

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KIM-1 - Programming Manual

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KIM-1 - User Manual

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Kim-4 Users Manual

Kim-4 Users Manual

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R6500 Designer Course

Rockwell - R6500 Designer Course

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TIM - Terminal Interface Monitor Manual

Rockwell - TIM Terminal
Interface Monitor Manual

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Due to lack of web space this is only a sample of Eric Rehnke's KIM-1/6502 User Notes.

If there's a demand the whole 46 Mb could become available on CD-ROM.
The First Book of KIM Peter Jennings MICROCHESS for the KIM-1 and other 6502 computers.
The First Book of KIM
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Peter Jennings
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Tom Pitman
Itty Bitty Computers
Tiny Basic User Manual
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Tom Pitman
Itty Bitty Computers
Tiny Basic experimenter's kit
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KIM-1 Listing
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Don Lancaster
A TVT for your KIM
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Don Lancaster
Hex to ASCII for your TVT-6
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Hardware Service Page


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A t a r i B a s i c S o u r c e B o o k
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Click to enlarge. DCF is a processor board to decode and display the signal from a DCF receiver and includes a programmable clock with four independent programmable outputs.
Specs: 6502, 6532 (I/O, timer & 128 bytes RAM), 2716 (2Kb EPROM), 6 hex display, 7 LED's, 7 push buttons and 4 outputs, all on two single sided PCBs.
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(232 kb)(GIF)
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DCF Listing
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