Name: Atyr
Age: 31
Born: Dorne - The Tor
Occupation: Merchant
Trade: Brothel-Keeper, Commerce,
Crime & Information
Skills: Observation, Trade/Commerce,
Management, Sailing, Intimidation

Character Timeline

179 ACAtyr was born as the child of a whore and a butcher in a village near the Tor.
194 ACHe gets his first job as deckhand on a nightly smuggler's ship, and nearly dies during a storm. During the day he keeps working as a butcher's apprentice under his father. Determined to pursue a better life he saves up all the extra coin he earns. The Kingdom erupts into war and rebellion and wildfyre is seen on the sea.
197 AC The deckhand falls in love with a tavern wench named Rosalina, whom he nicknamed "Rose".
197 AC The captain of Atyr's smuggling crew dies. The future seems uncertain, poverty strikes the realm hard due to war, Rosalina prostitutes herself to make ends meet.
198 AC Through hard work and sacrifice he managed to gather the coin necessary to purchase part of the ship of his deceased captain's smuggling crew.
200 AC His trade shifts from smuggling to purchasing and creating pillow-houses through Dorne. Many of his old smuggler friends change trade equally to commerce and chase more profitable futures in cities across Essos.
206 AC Atyr arrives King's Landing in the shadow of Prince Dakario Martell, whom he has become close friends with and with his help acquired the largest most luxurious brothel in King's Landing. Since then his presence has been a familiar sight around the Red Keep.
210 ACAtyrs brothel entourage follows the nobles to Tumbleton with red tents.

Character Background Story


He had a poor childhood, his parents lived a few streets away from the docks in the indigent neighborhood of a settlement near the Tor, and while his father often tried to keep that fact from him, he knew at the young age of 10 that his mother was a whore - a fact that he would have his nose rubbed into time and again by his peers as he aged. Perhaps it was that which inspired him to achieve more than his parents. In his early teenage years he followed an apprenticeship under his father, learning the trade of a butcher.

His urge to achieve more made him brave enough, at the age of 15, to visit the darker taverns near the docks of the town where he tried to get in touch with men who could help him earn more coin. His search for criminals didn't go without any struggles and while many a night he got roughed up and picked on, some of the patrons also recognizing him as the son of a whore at the pillow house, he never gave up and returned night after a night for more beatings. One evening some of the men were desperately asking around in the tavern for men wishing to earn extra coin, and while most rejected the shady offer Atyr reacted with much enthusiasm - this was the opportunity he had been dreaming of.

His first "job" was cruel and dangerous , smuggling stolen goods from The Tor to Sunspear in stormy weather conditions. The ship rocked back and forth violently, causing much of the cargo and crates to slide across the deck, nearly costing young Atyr his life as he was almost crushed between the railings of the deck and a heavy crate of stolen tapestry meant to be delivered to a wealthy merchant in Sunspear. And while Atyr knew almost nothing of sailing he had to learn fast that night, pulling on the ropes of the sails by command of the ship's captain, under the whip of an overseer who knew little mercy for the men that had volunteered to work at the dark of night on the smuggler's ship. By morning Atyr felt sick with exhaustion while welts of whiplashes covered his arms and back, but that first payment made it all worthwhile to the ambitious young man. He returned almost every night to aid the smuggler group with loading and unloading crates and barrels. During the day he would continue his apprenticeship as a butcher, getting scolded and beaten by his father sometimes for falling asleep. For several years this helped Atyr acquire a lot of extra coin on the side, which he kept hidden in a tied up old pair of trousers under his bed, fearful of what his father would say or do with the coin if he found it or discovered that Atyr was a criminal. Over the next few years Atyr's stash grew, and he got closer and closer to realising his ambition of one day purchasing his own small business.

At the age of 18 he fell in love with a pretty 16yo common girl, Rosalina, by that time Atyr had grown into a strong muscled young man standing a head above most others, and few still dared to make fun of him, and it perhaps had made it all the easier for the girl he fell in love with to return the feelings for the man. It was a deep and romantic love between lovers who only had enough coin to be able to afford each other's company as their main comfort in the evenings. He had first met her as a wench in the tavern he frequented, and while many men might've been interested in taking the virginity of the girl, it was said that raping a young girl was too taboo even for the harshest criminals of the Dornishmen. It was only to Atyr that she finally gave herself, which only made the relationship feel all the more meaningful and deep to him. A few months later, the captain of the smuggling crew Atyr worked with passed away and as such they all lost their livelihoods. The ship itself was taken for any outstanding debts the captain still had upon his death. It was then that the unemployed crew hatched the idea to start their own smuggling company and to purchase their own ship. Everyone who could pay the required sum would be considered a partner in the new criminal business and would share in the profits of the continued contracts they had with their trusted merchant clients and anyone else that paid for seeing their goods smuggled out or into The Tor.

While Atyr had gathered much wealth by now, to the point he had to divide the coins between more than a single pair of knotted up trousers under his bed it wasn't nearly enough to be able to afford the sum they demanded of partners. This depressed Atyr, realizing he had worked day and night for several years now and still he wasn't able to purchase for himself a better life. His girl questioned why Atyr was so sad and because she served in the tavern she knew of his smuggling work, as a solution to make the extra coin he required she offered to whore herself out in the tavern he frequented, recognizing that many men had approached her before for such offers. Despite his torn feelings on this he agreed and would instead guard the room of his girl when she received clients and if necessary intimidate them into paying if they sought to commit trickery or slip away without paying, or as sometimes was necessary to kick them out of the room when they had consumed the value their coin had purchased. The coin earned was better every night than what Atyr had earned as a smuggler, but it was still not nearly enough and time was running out, as such Atyr urged his girl to take more clients and to serve more depraved, more expensive desires if the men wished for it, figuring it would be the only solution for them to still gather the required coin in time. The girl agreed but she was never seen at Atyr's side again after he had finally purchased his partnership with the new smuggling company.

At the age of 19 Atyr made more coin every night than he could ever dream off, but many claim he was a changed and broken man because of what he had to do to earn himself that wealth. He missed his first love, some rumour she had been murdered after a particular generous and depraved offer on her purchase for an evening. Some claim Atyr had taken his revenge on the man that night for finding his lover's naked body strangled to death while he still raped it, others claim that the murderer had been a knight and had beaten Atyr nearly to death too that same night, but left him there next to the body of his strangled love.

No longer did Atyr need to work as a butcher, and by the age of 21 he was able to purchase the more luxurious pillow house in which once his own mother had been employed. Having little else do all day, but still used to working from dawn till dusk he sought to improve himself by self-educating in managing coin, goods and contracts. After a while he even sold his share of the smuggling business and fully focused instead on running pillow houses in various settlements of Dorne among which a few in cities such as Sunspear and Godsgrace.

Now age 31, Atyr is a rather tall and tan man, muscled and his skin hardened from many years of hard labour and a rough youth. He has a rather intimidating and dark appearance. Still consumed by his ambitions to improve his wealth and status in life, he has grown into a shrewd businessman and is known as a harsh and strict brothel keeper, showing little mercy for the whores that work for him, because of the sacrifice his first love had to make. Some claim he would not be afraid of allowing such cruel sacrifice once more if he was offered enough coin, while others imagine he would not allow such a thing to happen ever again. He employs his whores to gather useful information for him while he tries to find ways to improve his life.

Through his management of various pillow houses through Dorne and his reputation for discretion, the common-born man from The Tor has made some powerful and influential friends. Through his connection with a prince of Martell who has occasionally frequented his establishments over the years, he has managed to secure one of the largest brothels in King's Landing. Now he stands with more to lose than he's ever had to lose, and more avenues to gain than he's ever had access to before, the common son of a whore surrounded by lords and ladies and their secrets, with ambition on his mind and cruelty in his heart.

NPC Characters

NPC Characters

All these characters are open to be roleplayed by player characters. Contact me if interested! You can also IM me to arrange a scene with one of these NPCs.

Garth A superviser / employee of the brothel. Short man with dark skin and dark eyes. He is well informed about Atyr's shady business and past. Has been with Atyr for a long time.
Winstyn This fat-bellied Dornish fellow has cheer and joy for a hundred men. Innocent, always good-spirited and always curious. Blissfully unaware of the darker side of Atyr's business. The girls favourite brothel-guard, mostly because he seems too shy and innocent to ever flirt with them (unlike the other guards).
Brothel-guards Mostly sellswords from Dorne or other regions. When they're not busy keeping order in the brothel they serve as the henchmen for Atyr's more secretive business.
Gold Cloaks Men assigned to Atyr's brothel 'to help keep order', but more often than not are found harassing the whores or drinking. Some of them slowly slipped into Atyr's criminal activities, while others stay out of it. They ultimately still report to Lord Aeron Stone, Commander of the City Watch of King's Landing.
Whores Usually young girls aged 18 to 40 name days. Besides their obvious work activities they also serve as spies and collect information and whispers for Atyr. Sometimes they are 'lend out' to nobles to serve them for an indefinite period of time, depending on the skillset of the girl.
"Rats" Men with violent and criminal pasts recruited from the dungeons of King's Landing to become part of the criminal gang controlled by a secretive council of crime lords. They are actively trained in combat and do Atyr's dirty work.