Curriculum Vitae


Koen Schoofs

Keulenstraat 21 C


3320 HOEGAARDEN           tel.: (016)76 58 53

                                               Gsm: 0496 26 56 84


e-mail :


Date of birth: May 30th, 1967

Nationality: Belgian




2010:               Prince II foundations, Certified

2009:               (MSP) Programme Management Foundations, Certified

2006:               (PMI) PMP preparation course: EHSAL Management School

2001-2003:      MBA, Vlerick Management School, Louvain
”Thesis: Balance Scorecard for the EMC Belgian Development Group”
Graduated Magna cum Laude


2000:               GMAT score: 720 (96th percentile)


1997 – 1998:   Post-Graduate course in company management, Catholic University of Louvain.
Graduated with 72%.


1990 – 1995:   Ph.D. in Applied Sciences (Digital Signal Processing), K.U.L.
Graduate with Magna Cum Laude
Thesis: “Bit-True Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithm in Custom ICs”, promoter prof. Hugo De Man.


1985 – 1990:   Civil Engineering degree in Electro mechanics, field of Electronics  (specialty: Integrated Circuits), K.U.L

                        Graduated Cum Laude

Thesis: “Architecture study of a Dynamic Range Compressor for Audio”, promoter prof. Hugo De Man


2008-: Sr Product manager SaaS & Cloud, Belgacom

Responsible for product management and business case of the Belgacom (major Belgian Telco) Cloud initiative, covering IaaS and Platform as a Service.


Day to day product management responsibility for the existing shared web hosting & DNS product lines.


2007-2008: Sr Product manager Dictation and Healthcare Europe, Nuance Communication Systems

Managing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking, PowerScribe, Enterprise Express Digital Dictation workflow systems (Speech recognition software for retail, legal and medical markets) representing revenues of $17m annually


Responsibilities include

-          European Product management for, reporting to the general marketing manager, Europe.

o   Business cases and market studies for new product launches

o   Requirements management, and daily contact with development teams in US and Ukraine

o   Managing product launches

o   Price, Placement, Product promotions

-          Marketing: Building sales and distribution programs, partner management for Benelux market.


2004 – 2007: Manager Product Development, Partezis, Haasrode

Responsibilities include:

-          Manager of Business Unit “Product Development”, reporting to General Manager

-          Responsible for programme management of SAP, .NET and Oracle Forms applications and fixed price contract software development for the Flemish Hospital market

-          P&L responsibilities, with monthly reporting duties to board of Directors

-          Project Office and resource allocation responsibilities

-          Responsible for software architecture of new applications

-          Special focus on introducing organizational performance improvements (ISO) and improving software development methodology (Agile, PMI)


2001 –  2004: Technical Product Manager, EMC, Belgian Development Group, Mechelen

Responsibilities include:

-          Definition of software roadmap of EMC Centera product (>25 million $ revenue per quarter)

-          Negotiation with partners and customers about product specifications

-          Communication with sales and marketing and field support about the new features and business impact of next product release, presales support


1995- 2001: Director of Localization, Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products

Responsibilities include:

·         Hiring and daily management of a team of 30 developers and linguists.

·         Budgeting and road mapping of the product development for the Application and HealthCare divisions for Europe

·         Project supervision of the localization of the American version off-the-shelf speech recognition software, “VoiceXpress” for European markets

·         Various projects for vertical markets (including legal, and medical and internet projects).


(Started as software developer – team leader – project manager)


1990 – 1995: Researcher at IMEC

(Interuniversitair Micro Elektronisch Centrum), VSDM division, doing doctoral thesis work. Cooperated on the development of the CATHEDRAL-2nd silicon compiler (CAD environment for the development of Digital Signal Processors for Audio applications.), sponsored by the ESPRIT research project of the European Community



Dutch:             mother tongue

English:           very fluent

French:            fluent

German:          basic

Computer skills

Operating systems:                 Windows, Linux

Application Software:            Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),


Programming Languages:      C#/C++/ Visual Basic

Other Experience

-          Technical definition and introduction of high-tech products

-          Product Lifecycle management

-          Hospital Information systems

-          Deployment of SAP implementations

-          Software Development Department organization and strategy: Software Metrics, PMI, Balanced Scorecards and CMM (Capability Maturity Models)

-          Agile, Prince II, PMI, PMO, SAP implementation

-          Implementation of hosting, cloud, datacenter infrastructure


 “Apparatus & Method for distinguishing similar sounding utterances”

Koen Schoofs, Guido Gallopyn, US Patent number: 09/159 838

Filing date: sept 24, 1998


“Speech Recognition Engine Dictionary Enlargement Using Derived Words”

Koen Schoofs, Guido Gallopyn, Filing date: 27/3/98