All of my applets are played in a pop-up window. In some cases, you have to press a button to pop up the window, in other cases it will appear automatically. If the window has disappeared, press the button again or try refreshing this page to make it reappear!

If you really can't figure out the purpose of this game. Type the password "SOLVE" at the startscreen to see the solution of the first level. Or hit the back-button in your browser and read the manual.

Levels 1-10 are introductory levels that should learn you a couple of basic techniques.
Levels 11-16 are bigger and somewhat harder. Levels 11,15 and 16 aren't necessarily that hard, but are intended to test the player's patience and endurance.
I like to think I succeeded in making levels 17-20 (reasonably) hard. What do you think?

Helaas, u kan deze SokobanApplet niet zien.
Hit the 'back'-button in your browser to return to the manual.