There was only one round Ekco missing in my Black & Chrome collection : the AD36....

I was very lucky to purchase an AD36 at about half the normal price on Ebay however it was in need of a big restoration because someone in the past painted the radio completely pink(speaking about bad taste) and they did it very thoroughly,even under the chassis and under the chrome bars there was pink paint.

ofcourse it was a big guess for me because there could have been cracks or other problems under the paint......

If pink would have been the original colour of this radio, the value would have been very high, however it was a black one underneath.

I started the restoration by completely dismantling the radio. When the case was empty I used normal paint remover and this was amazingly working very well.



About 6 hours later the case was totally free of paint and the result was amazing...a very nice black & chrome case, free of cracks and no major scratches, it doesn't always have to be bad news.

Look at the result :

Now it was time to polish the case and another 3 hours later the case looked even nicer than when it left the shop in 1935, the chrome bars are now being re-chromed but it will take 3,5 months to get them back.I also managed to find a matching speaker cloth.

There were no valves in the chassis and I could buy them from Gerry (Crowthornetubes.com)

At this time the chassis is being serviced