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Have you ever come across an assembly file you wanted to know as much as possible about, without running it? Have you ever had problems with deployment, because you weren't sure what version of a DLL you copied on a machine? How do you tell the difference between a 32 bit and 64 bit assembly anyway?

AssemblyInfo is a .NET Reflector Add-in that gives you all of this information and a lot more. It adds an additional language to Reflector, showing most of the information at the level of the module, and it works for unmanaged exe's and dll's as well.

Three new windows show native imports and exports, and P/Invoke imports.

AssemblyInfo also works as a command line tool, and it provides a public API to use in your own .NET programs.

Version 2.2 has some new features and a bug fix in the P/Invoke Imports window.

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