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Welcome to my site! As my family and friends all knwo, I'm very silly and clumsy, sometimes to the great annoyence of them.But actually, life is short! I mean ' Why so serious?' Whe should enjoy it and make the best of it! On my page, I share some silly experiences of mine and my Bro's!

So, check my site and, kübra ... out. enjoooooyyyyyy. LY.

Kübra's diary:

[April 06, 2012]
Played invisible rope with my brother. It was very funny to see cars stopping  and shouting like crazy bastards at us because they thought that we were holding a real rope. 

[April 05, 2012]

Because our parents were out of the house for a couple of hours, me and my bro Kaan decided to make the most disgusting epic meal omelet ever.  It consisted of eggs, parmesan cheese which smells like feet, normal cheese, butter, feta cheese, olive oil, Turkish spicy sausage, tuna out of can, tomatosauce and finally, we finished it off with some nutella! bon appetit!

[April 04, 2012]

I watched ‘ Jersey shore’ on Mtv. And apparently, there are people who act even more moron-like than me.

[April 01, 2012]

Dear diary, today I ate blua bananapudding and it tasted very good.

[March 31, 2012]
Noooooo inspiration.......

Boring day.