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This help page contains answers to some questions that might be asked about the EBT Log and its related pages.

This page will be rather static, so there is no need to check it every day. If major updates to it are done, it will be mentioned in the most recent EBT Log.

The About stats

The about stats

The about stats, which are normally published daily on EBT for the past 7 days, are kept on this page. The stats start from 01-01-2003 on.

The figures are grouped month by month. On the left hand of the page, the average, the standard variance, the lowest and highest number of users registering a day are given for that month. On the right hand of the page those figures are given for the number of entered notes a day.

Whenever I can I try to update them on a daily basis. If Iím unable to make an update within 7 days, or if the generating of the stats failed on EBT due to technical problems, I know a method for obtaining the missing data.

Top 180 stats

Top 180 stats

From time to time I gather some top 180 stats, either from all the countries at one, either for a specific country that has enough users.

The global top 180 stats can be accessed through this page from where the other valid countries (countries with at least 180 users) can be accessed.

Those pages all contain tables and unseen users graphics. The table has the following columns:

Top :

Represents the number of top users for which the statistics are calculated.

3Top 3Users with rank 1 to 3
10Top 10Users with rank 1 to 10
180Top 180Users with rank 1 to 180

Unseen :

The number of users that are not seen (entering notes) in the previous 30 days. The percentage is the proportion between the number of unseen users and the number of users in that top.

If, for instance, the top 10 contains 2 unseen users the percentage would then be 20%.


Unseen Rank Sum. This is the sum of the rankings of the unseen users in that top. If this number increases and the number of unseen users remains the same, it means that one or more unseen users now have a lower ranking. If this figure drops, it either means a unseen user has left that top, or an unseen user has become visible again.

Notes :

The number of notes entered by the users in that top. The percentage is the proportion between the notes entered by the within top users and the number entered either by all the users (figure on the right hand of an EBT page) or by the number of users within a specific country (found in the Countries/Bills table on EBT)

Unseen notes :

The number of notes entered by unseen users in that top. The percentage is similar to the notes percentage.

Last :

Represents the number of notes entered by the last user of that top. It is the minimum requered number of notes a user needs to enter that top.


Last INCrease of the top. This is the difference in entered notes between the last and last but one user in that top. It is the minimum number of notes the last user has to enter in order to leave that last place.


Average INCrease. This is the average number of notes between 2 consecutive users (based on ranking order). The higher this value, the higher the difference between the number of entered notes of different users.


Degressive weighed INCrease. This is similar to the average increase, but the users with a lower ranking have more weight than the higher ranked users. For every ranking you get higher, the weight is reduced with a factor 0.9. So the last user in the ranking has weight 1, while the last one has weight 0.9, and the user before that has 0.81, and so on.

Tracking conditions

Tracking conditions

Since 02-08-2003 I started to add tracking conditions on the bottom of every post.

At the time this help topic was written (07-12-2003) five tracking conditions were being listed, to know:

The historical note:

This is the overall average Euro per note. It is the total amount in Euro tracked on EBT divided by the number of notes entered into EBT. The figures used for this are those that can be found on the left hand of the EBTL post.

The last2now note:

Take the difference in value between the EBTL post and the previous EBTL post. Similarly Take the difference in the number of notes. Divide the first figure by the secondÖ and voila, you have the last2now (last to now) note value.

The forum post price:

Divide the number of posts (found on the right hand side of an EBTL post) by the total value (found on the left side of an EBTL post). That's how you get the forum post price.

Up till now I really donít know the significance of this figure, but I noticed it has always been close to 1000 Euro/post. At 12-10-2003 it went up to itís highest point of 1062.20 Euro/post, or 6.2% of the 1000 Euro/post limit.

The forum user representation:

The number of users on EBT and on the forum differ quite a lot. When a forum user posts something, he kind of speaks for a part of the EBT users. Every forum user gets an equal share of EBT user to speak for an this is represented by the forum user representation figure.

The Estimated exposure per hit:

The formula for this figure is the following:

[number of notes]*([number of days since 01-01-2002]+1)/(2*[number of interesting hits])

It is a very rough estimate of the sum of days that every EBT note has been entered up to the day to the post, divided by the number of interesting hits.

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