Introducing you to my website is something that can be quickly done at this time. The site is split up in 3 portions: An English one, a Dutch one and a French one.

The English portion is the one you are on right now. I have only some links on it for my own use, and some for whatever use...

The Dutch portion is meant to contain topics (and links) that only make sense in Dutch.

The French portion will remain empty for some time. It is very unlikely that this will change in the future.

Links for my own use

  • The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.
  • The Free Dictionary, FYI...
  • A few acronyms a day, keep intelligence away.
  • One shot a week at this is more than enough!
  • And if I got the money that is where it goes, and even more here.
  • Some of it I manage here.

Miscellaneous links


That´s all folks.

And now play this record until you're sick of it ([Learning English, Lesson One])

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