Now that you've got here you probably ask yourself:

Who is this guy ?
Well, my name is Luc Van Den Bosch, and I live in Belgium in a small and quiet town called Lille, about 35 km from Antwerp    
And why did he create this site ?
  The answer to that is quite simple, "because the little voices in my head told me so".  
And what is it all about ?
    Well, just look at the navigation bar and feel free to explore the different items.
Right now you're on the BIO page, and that's where I tell you some stories about myself,
so let's get started:

I was born the 18th of june 1968, I was rather small in those days, much smaller than I am now, now that I have been poking around this Earth for quite some time.
As my father was often messing around in the internals of TV sets and other electronic equipment I got interested in electronics when I was still a kid, cause all this colourfull capacitors, resistors and glowing tubes looked sooo coool, not to mention the big schematics that came with the equipment and that looked so complicated as if they were intended to build a spaceship.

Then there is my mother, she was the one who had the natural feeling for music that was probably an option that was not included on my father.
Maybe this is a genetic issue, but I guess that from the day that I was born I was just predestined to get into electronics and electronic music one day.

Black and White photography is another hobby of mine, and guess what, my grandfather did some Black and White photography as well (it must be a genetic thing don't you think), although sad enough none of my grandfathers negatives (glass plate) are preserved today.

To find out more about some milestones in my life, move your mouse over the timeline and see what happens

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