Music links
W30 homepage: The unofficial W30 homepage has lots of info & tips.
K2000 wav2krz utility: Bart'z wav2krz utility lets you convert .wav to .krz files and supports joining and splitting of .krz files.
Propellorhead: The home of propellorhead software, the creators of ReCycle and ReBirth.
Shareware Music Machine: The World's Biggest Music Software Site, (has a ReCycle demo).
Freequency: A free multi-purpose electronic musician's calculator for 32 bit Windows.

The virtual synth museum: Synthesizer database with pictures, info etc.

Synthesized dreams: Has manuals and other usefull stuff for vintage synths (lots of info about the Korg Mono/poly)

Photography links
Night Photography
Lost America: Troy Paiva's night Photography pages, even includes a "how to" section
Night photography: Larrie Thomson's night photography, one of the better nightphotography sites on the net.
Hours of Darkness: A collection of night and low light photography, high quality work.
The Night Skye: Great work of Boston USA based photographer Lance Keimig.
The Nocturnes: Another night photography page
Pictures of Ireland: Night Photography of Dublin and Ireland by Philip Pankov, award-winning Irish photographer.
Mooncalculator: A great tool to calculate where the moon 's gonna be and how it 's gonna look on any given date and any given place on Earth.

Abandoned Places & URBEX

Henk's Abandoned places: Great site about industrial archeology in Belgium, really great photo's Yves Marchand's Urban & industrial archeology, very inspiring site with great day and night pictures.
Werner Engelen Photography: A relative newcomer in the area of the abandoned places, but an versatile and experienced photographer with a long history in graveyard photography.
Forgotten places: Tomas and Pieter-Jan are young photographers that are into exploring abandoned buildings. Lots of photo's of very cool locations.
Finster-Stahlart: Industrial history and architecture, Harald Finster's collection of great B&W photo's of Industrial buildings, abandoned, reused or still in use.
Spuren der Industrie: A well designed site that features excellent photo's of abandoned places, color as well as B&W.
Dubtown Industriekultur: A collection of photos of abandoned buildings that capture the special atmosphere in color and B&W.
Forbidden Places: Photography site of a French explorer-couple. A romance between the ruins?
Still Alive: Marcello wants to free the soul of an age from a long sleep and turn it into palpable memories. (and succeeds) Thierry shares his passion for photographing abandoned locations on his website.
Abandoned Russia: Uryevich certainly understands the art of B&W photography. Great pictures of abandoned Russia.
Shaun O'Boyle's Modern Ruins: Really great work, one of the better sites to be found on the net.
Exposed Photography: The great pictures of friend-explorer Geoffrey, a must see.
Abandoned Zone: Belgian site with B&W pictures of abandoned places in a beautiful flash-interface.
Carcoke Zeebrugge: A page dedicated to this unique historic cokery.
Institutional Green: Abandoned places nicely photographed in B&W by Sara Etten
Green Explorers: a Belgian group of explorers dressed in green featuring a growing collection of explorations
Lost & Least: Another italian URBEX site with a variety of photo's in color, B&W and sepiatone.
Urban Explorers: Photography on abandoned places by a small group of enthusiasts from the Netherlands who enjoy the art of urban exploration.
Urban Xplorer: Quarryes, mines, drains, train galleries, abandoned towers, old stations, and in a general case, every place where human presence seems to be unwhished (French)
Dezafekt: Very nice Black&White pictures of abandoned buildings

Dark Passage: Explorers of Decay and desolation

Viewing Hole: Abandoned places, some nice pictures.
Infiltration: The place to start for finding info and websites about "places you're not supposed to go"

Save Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire. A site dedicated to the preservation of this extraordinary building.

Other Photography links
A huge online database with over 310.000 pictures of airplanes, especially airliners.
ILFORD: A name in photography.
KODAK: Another name in photography.
Photo source: All kinds of photography info (tech)

Beginning/Young Photographers
Forgotten places: Tomas and Pieter-Jan are young photographers that are into exploring abandoned buildings. Lots of photo's of very cool locations.
DJ Boy: Photographs the nightlife in Antwerp. Pics of Café d'Anvers, Culture Club and others.

Electronics & DIY links
R@F909: A page dedicated to the Roland TR909 drummachine (has the schematics online)
Synth Fool: Schematics, info, old brochures etc...
Oakley Modular Systems: DIY modules home of the TB3030 a DIY Roland TB303 clone
Analog Synthesizer DIY: Schematics tips etc...

Various links
Duvel: In my humble opinion the best Belgian beer.
Rustweb: This is Brian Taylor's personal short-film project realised with affordable software, looks very professional.
Cool homepages: A neat collection of cool homepages, nicely organized.
My Pet Skeleton: Nice webdesign (flash)
1000 dreams: Nice webdesign (flash)
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