Abandoned places

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Technical School

School's out for ever.

SAFEA @ night

The beautiful fertilizer plant at night.


A fertilizer plant that has been abandoned since the end of the 70's.

Quarter Cdt.Dungelhoeff Military Cadet School

Military school, abandoned in 2000.

Lorfonte Haut Fourneau N°4 - Uckange

This blast furnace was shut down in 1991 and everything is still there, a great place to be..

Triage Lavoir - Péronnes lez Binche

Built in the 50's with money of the Marshall-plan, abandoned in 1969.

Brepols Printing Turnhout

A remains of the Brepols empire in the city centre of Turnhout, abandoned for 30 years.

Carcoke Zeebrugge

This is the last complete cokes factory in Belgium. Although vandalised all the installations are still there as they were when the factory shut down in 1996. But not for long anymore, this beautiful place will probably be destroyed this year.

Carcoke Marly

Of the three Carcoke factories Marly was shut down first. It was 1993, now 10 years later total destruction is imminent.

Coal Processing plant Tertre

An abandoned coal crusher on the site of a still working factory, an unexpected find while driving through the Tertre area.

Abandoned swimming pool Knokke - Verlaten zwembad Knokke

A long abandoned swinnming pool in the dunes of Knokke.

Kasteel de Neufcour - Castle de Neufcour

A small castle, probably abandoned for 50 years.

Alsberghe & Van Oost, Gent

An abandoned textile factory that has a protected but awfully neglected engine room with the beautiful steam engine and electricity generator still in place.

Wintercircus Gent (Circus Mahy)

An abandoned circus that was first built in 1894 and rebuilt in 1923. The last circus act was performed in 1944. Today it's still there and pretty well preserved.

British Military Base "Camp - C"

This military base of the British army in Westerlo (Belgium) was built in 1952. With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 the base became obsolete and was closed. In 1992 the domain was transferred to the Belgian ministry of defence and it was used as a depot for a while. After that it was abandoned.


A victim of the recession in the textile industry of the late 80's. The last pictures of Manta Waasmunster in the process of destruction.

Usines de Stordeur

An abandoned maize-farina mill from 1910 along the canal Leuven-Dijle in Leuven.

Zuidstation Antwerpen - Antwerp Southstation

A beautiful abandoned railway station on the south end of Antwerp.

Sanatorium Joseph Lemaire
Start Lemaire

The sanatorium Jozeph Lemaire was officially opened in 1930 and it was abandoned in 1987. Death still wanders around through the empty corridors.

Hellemans Flour Mills
Start Hellemans

Hellemans Flour Mills, an abandoned industrial flour mill on the south-bank of the river "Nete" in Lier.

Noeveren & Noeveren revisited
Start Noeveren 1998


Close to the city "Boom" are the remains of the early brick-works industry that once dominated this area.

Night photography

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Abandoned - Gallery 1
Start Night1

A 4-in-1 gallery: The military driving school "OC3", abandoned trains, an Abandoned factory in Sint Jozef Rijkevorsel and the former dairy in my hometown.

Abandoned - Gallery 2

A car dump and a junkyard, cool places to spend the night photographing.

Abandoned - Gallery 3: Carcoke Zeebrugge

Carcoke Zeebrugge is a cokes factory that was shutdown in 1996 and since the day I visited it in daylight it was N°1 on my wishlist for nightphotograpy. The same nigth that I photographed it I witnessed a total lunar-eclipse.

Electric Night
Start Night3

Various locations lit by electric light.

Start Night3

The first experiments, various images from different locations, the older stuff.
Various photography


Gallery 1
I also managed to get some pictures into the database, a huge database of airplane pictures featuring over 220.000 pictures of mainly airliners. The link below takes you directly to my pictures in a new window:

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Guest Photographer: Matt Roach
If you're into abandoned or night photography and want to show your work to the world, my Guestroom is the place to be. The purpose of this Guestroom is to give people who don't have a website of their own the chance to show their work here for a limited period of time (let's say 60 days or maybe longer)

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