Dear visitor
Welcome to the documentation site about our thesis we made for the Erasmushogeschool Brussels: Linux Active Directory Emulation.
This site is only temporary, within 5 months we will try to serve you with a more professional website.

If you would like to use some of our information, feel free... but if you plan to publish it, please make a reference in your text. You can refer as 'Linux Active Directory Emulatie documentation'.

The best thing you can do is start to download the 'thesis/report' file, which will give you a general picture of what we've been doing here.
Later, the management software and code will be available.

At this moment, everything is written in dutch.
If people are interested in translating one or more documents, or have questions... feel free to contact us: Steve Weemaels, Johan Huysmans or Dimitri Redant

THESIS/REPORT.pdfJohan | Dimitri | Steve
Hoe werkt LDAP?.abw | .pdfSteve
Hoe zet je een werkende samba PDC op?.abw | .pdfSteve
Hoe combineer je samba en ldap?.sxw | .pdfSteve
Milestone: Snelle handleiding samba-ldap-smbldaptools.abw | .pdfSteve
Hoe zet je een BDC op?.sxw | .pdfSteve
Hoe zet je een werkende DNS server op?.pdfJohan
Hoe zet je een dynamic DNS server op?.pdfJohan
Samba en nameservers.pdfJohan
Een linux Dyn DNS server in een MS Active dir domain.pdfJohan
Single sign on.abw | .pdfSteve
Kerberos (not implemented).abw | .pdfSteve
Policies manual.sxw | .pdfSteve
SSL security.sxw | .pdfJohan | Steve
TLS.sxw | .pdfJohan | Steve
Implementatie openldap-samba-tls.sxw | .pdfJohan | Steve
Acl's.sxw | .pdfSteve
AD emulatie security-+.sxw | .pdfJohan | Steve
LDAP - JNDI.doc | .pdfDimitri

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