Species discovery in underexplored areas
Many areas, in particular in the tropics, remain underexplored for their plant diversity and their uses. Through scientific expeditions to remote areas (mainly in sub-Saharan Africa) and through study of herbarium specimens, new species and genera to science continue to be described.
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Relevant publications
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Media coverage

BBC: The secret life of plants: Ten new species found this year


Cheek M (2018) New Kew discoveries for 2018. Kew Blog available online at https://www.kew.org/read-and-watch/new-kew-discoveries-2018

Larridon I (2017) New species roundup: Kew’s 2016 discoveries. Kew Blog available online at Kew Blog available online at https://www.kew.org/read-and-watch/new-species-round-up-2016

Main collaborators
United Kingdom
Kenneth Bauters (Botanic Garden Meise)
Paul Goetghebeur (Ghent University)
Sékou Magassouba, Tokpa Seny Doré & Denise Molmou (National Herbarium of Guinea)