Piperworts (Eriocaulaceae)
During the academic year 2017-2018, I supervised MSc student Yuxi Liang (MSc in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation organised by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Queen Mary University of London). Her study looked to answer the question whether the morphologically distinguishable group of ephemeral Mesanthemum species from West Africa represent a monophyletic group, and if so, whether they represent a new genus, or form part of a broadened monophyletic genus Mesanthemum. The results of her MSc project have been combined with a revision of the genus (led by Sylvia Phillips).
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Relevant publications
Liang Y*, Phillips S*, Cheek M, Larridon I (2019) A revision of the African genus Mesanthemum (Eriocaulaceae). Kew Bulletin 74: 71 (34 pages). Available online. *These authors contributed equally to the manuscript.
As part of an international collaboration (led by Yu Ito), African species of Eriocaulon have been included in a global molecular phylogenetic study of genus. Eriocaulon is a widely-distributed genus of c. 470 species, with its centres of diversity in tropical regions. The species of Eriocaulon primarily grow in wetlands while some inhabit shallow rivers and streams with an apparent adaptive morphology of elongated submerged stems. In this study, we provide results of our molecular phylogenetic analysis of the genus aiming to assess the existing morphology-based regional infrageneric classification of Eriocaulon.
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Relevant publications
Larridon I, Tanaka N, Liang Y, Phillips S, Barfod A, Cho S-H, Gale S, Jobson R, Kim Y-D, Li J, Muasya AM, Parnell J, Prajaksood A, Shuto K, Souladeth P, Tagane S, Tanaka N, Yano O, Mesterhazy A, Newman M, Ito Y (2019) First molecular phylogenetic insights in the evolution of Eriocaulon (Eriocaulaceae, Poales). Journal of Plant Research 132: 589-600. Available online.
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