Finally, I had some time to spend to my site dedicated almost entirely to slope soaring. Here you will find articles, pictures and even video snippets from our glider team. You can find me almost every weekend at Cap Blanc Nez, one of the most splendid slope soaring sites from Europe, visited by many people coming from all over the world.

Who am I ?

screenshots taken from SFS PC (Soaring Flight Simlulator)

ASW22 7m pictures

Pilatus B4 6m pictures


New pictures taken from the ASH25 8.33m on 6th septembre 2003 at Cap Blanc Nez


The ASH25 from Rosenthal, 8.30m span.


ILast check, center of gravity a bit more forwards is always a good idea for a first flight

There it goes, a fantastic launch by Luc, not that easy with a weighty 20kg giant in the hands

The ASH25, a beauty on the sky



Wanna see more of this...