SFS PC (www.sfspc.de)

Last month, I went to Rostock to get a new ASW22 with 6.30m span with a brushless mounted. Fortunatly, I saw Syke was on my route. Syke is the town where Uwe Milde lives, and he is the main programmer -together with Detlev- of the Soaring Flight Simulator. From my opinion (and many others), this is really the best soaring simulator ever made. To give you just an impression of what you may expect just have a look at these screenshots I made using this simulator.

You also wanna a version of this great simulator ? Please have a look at www.sfspc.de, or you can contact me, I will regularly buy copies directly from Uwe to distribute in Belgium, France and the Netherlands (this great simulator is available for the unbelievable price of 50Euro !!)

You can choose between different sailplanes (ASW27,28,22, LS8, DG800, DG808, Ka8...and many more)

The complete Wesenbergland is included in high resolution format created from satellite pictures with many take-off sites (winch and/or aerotow - Robin or Wilga). Several are also great for ridge soaring !!

I used the simulator on an AMD 1.2Ghz with 512Mb RAM, and a Cougar Phoenix Video Edition 32Mb graphic Card. With a resolution set to 1024*768 (but even higher resolution results in a high frame rate)

Here we go with a SFS PC TRIP, enjioy it


OKay,Steve I'm ready, just get me in the air