Who am I ?

I think it will not surprise you if I say I'm a real slope soaring fan ;). But it could surprise you to know I fly all these planes with only one hand. Indeed, I've lost a hand when I was 16 years old while trying out some chemical experiments. But life goes on, and nothing could stop me flying these beauties .

I never build these planes myself, but rather import them from Germany, definitly the place to be for all soaring fans, the real planes as well the RC controlled ones.

I work as a payment system engineer specialised in Internet based secure payments (check htpp:// www.element.be).

Together with my girlfriend and 5 years old son, we live in the Flanders in Belgium, near the Flemish Ardennes, in a real nice little town called Ingooigem.

Should you feel the need to contact me ,you can always contact me by mail

Contact me

I control the planes using the left stick as a mono stick (height and aileron) with mixed rudder, the flaps are controlled using the same hand with a rotary control just above the stick.

Brakes, are controlled by the right stick using my right arm.