As an enthusiast for Laurus nobilis, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing much to be fond on the subject on Internet. On the laurel in general yes, but not on the pyramid-shaped one or the bulb on stem, as we know it in Flanders (Belgium).

With this web-site I want to introduce the world to the historical and the current cultivation in the vicinity of Bruges (West Flanders) and later on in East Flanders. I hope that this information, wich will be updated regulary, will be of use to the all-round lover of plants.


Laurus nobilis, Flemisch Laureltree.

Plant description. Cultivated in Flanders since the 17th century (History) .

The use of Laurus Nobilis. Kitchen, flower arrangements, terrace and tub plant,... (Use).

Maintenance, Pruning, wintering, etc...


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