Laurus nobilis: Flemish Laurel tree, uses of Laurus nobilis

When giving the plant as a present to someone, it has a symbolic value. The plant has several symbolic meanings, f.i. : for my sweetheart, for the victors (the Romans already made laurel wreaths), for someone who has recieved his degree,... It is known to be a plant with status. The laurel also used to be placed at both sides of a door, to avert evil spirits. In short, to present someone with a laurel is an excellent idea, you just have to think about it.

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Here in Flanders it is cultivated mainly as a terrace plant. On festive occasions like marriages, receptions or fairs, the laurel placed at the entrance, as a welcoming sign: placed at the door, on the stairs, or in the garden. It is an evergreen plant which posseses charisma and status.

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Gourmet cooks will surely know that the laurel leaf is essential to a bouquet garni. The laurel has digestive qualities. It is used in soups, marinades, carrots, fish and meat dishes. The laurel has a wholesome effect on the digestive system. It aids the digestion , provided one does not exaggerate: one leaf is sufficient. And when freshly picked, they will bring nature a bit closer.

In medicine too the laurel is a well-known remedy. It is a : bactericide, it restores the equilibrium, it is used as a remedy in case of bronchitis, artritis, influenza, poliartritis, aphta, thoothace; it is an expectorant, an analgesic and diaphoretic etc…too many to menthion.

Consult your pharmacist for any other uses.

It is also used in potpourri, as the laurel contains good etherial oils.

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The use of laurel in the art of flower arrangement has become increasingly significant. The beautiful leaves are especially appreciated in Advent wreaths and other season flower arrangements.

In the perfumery, the essence of laurel is being used more and more, as it was in former days, in bath oil and particularly in men's perfumes (after-shaves, toilet waters). It is also an ingredient of Bay Rum (The Canary Islands). Be careful though, some people may allergic to it.

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And LAST bot NOT least, it is even used in the making of alcoholic beverages. We have found a recipe of an Italian Vermout and an Rosolio die alloro.

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