Laurus nobilis: Flemish Laurel tree, maintenance(short)

This is particulary based on the maintenance to be applied in our regions, where the plants have to be kept indoors in winter. However, it can be a guide for those regions where the plants can stay outdoors.


Keep the plants in a frost-free room. Can also be kept in the dark (cellar), when the plant is dormant. No fertilization, not too much water. BUT DO NOT DRY OUT THE POT!!!


In summer you have to keep the rootball constantly moist, and add fertilizer if necessary. In winter you have to water only now and then, suffinciently not to dry out the rootball.


A regular soil with clay will do. Repot in March or August. Choose a pot of about 4 to 5 cm larger. In case of a pot of 16-25 cm you repot every two years, in case of a pot of 25-35 cm, you can wait to repot every 3 to 4 years.


A laurel needs food like any other plant, and it will react gratefully. No fertilizing in winter. When repotting, you can already give a gradually working fertilizer. In summer a fluid as well as a granular fertilizer should be added. Run it down by the end of the growing seazon.


A shaped plant should be pruned in a rigid shape every year, in this way the plant will remain filled. Pyramid : cut back the top shoot, leaving the ones that are placed best at about 10 to 15 cm. Prune the side-shoots up to the conical surface, leaving the shoots which do not reach far enough. In summer a maintenance pruning, cutting back the sshoots outside the conical surface. Bush and buld on stem : the same rules apply as with the pyramid, prune the tops at about 3 to 4 leaves.


The most important ones are the scale bug and the plant louse, which can be removed with a little brush or knife. Sometimes a chemical treatment is necessary, but obtain expert advice first. Do not forget that you have to be careful if using the leaves in the kitchen in that case. Always read the instructions before using these products!

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