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Welcome one and all!!!

My name is Lef, this is my personal little niche on the net and you are all most welcome.

Here you enter the strange world that is my life and mind; please be warned at times it is not PG13. 

This site is under continuous construction and I hope you will forgive any bad links you might find, I did my best

What can you find in Lef's Weird World Web, the things that catch my attention of course, though at the moment it's not much.  There is an introduction to my personal fiction and that is about it, but in the future I hope to integrate more fiction and at least one herbal database.


About LEF

Just a bit of personal information, like my age and my marital status.

My Interests and Interesting Links

What I like and where I go to get the best.

Photo Galleries

These pages are filled with the most scrumptious images of my favorite stars and in the future they'll be joined by personal snapshots.

How to contact me

Should you want to contact me, this is how you do it.


Lef Fiction

My own writings, at the moment only a general introduction.


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