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Almost everyone who visits this site will wonder: "What is a Parafoeter? ". To be honest, I'm not a 100% sure myself. It should be some kind of lightning deflector ("para"=against and "foeter" should come from the French word "foudre"=lighning). We, my fellow students and me, used to call ourselves "THE PARAFOETERS", referring to the our classes we followed: powerelectricity .

I have decided to use this as a nickname, not only because I like its sound but also because I hope, by using this name, I can get back in touch with my old fellow students. Just seeing this name should ring some bells with them. 

Of course you will wonder what the Trolls are doing on this page. Because I don't have any pictures of Parafoeters I decided to brighten up my website with pictures of the country which is a real passion to me, Norway, but you'll read more about that as you go along.

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Latest update : 07/09/2014