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I was born and raised in Kapellen (and its subcounty Putte), a village north of Antwerp, where I, after wondering around during the first years of my marriage, still live.

My real name is Leo and I am married to Wiske. Together we have two sons, Jan en Bert. Both of them have left the parental house already.


I was educated as an technical engineer (which is now known as industrial engineer), and specialised in electricity. Ever since my graduation though, I never had anything to do with electricity. After working in road construction for five years, I joined one of Belgium's leading "mechanical contractors", a firm that specialises in building piping systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry. In this company I was the head of the estimation department. Since September 1th, 2004 I am retired.

y biggest hobby is "working" on the computer. Since starting in 1983 with a ZX spectrum (Sinclair) and then switching to XT, 286, 486 and a Pentium 233 right now, the hours I've spent behind that little screen can't be added up any more.
During the DOS periode my main occupation was programming, first in BASIC, later using Clipper . With the break-through of Windows this progamming was ended. Surfing on the Internet and maintaining this website (camping part) are the things that attract my attention these days.

Going on holiday is another hobby of me (who's not ?). Mostly I will do this with my caravan. Therefore I have added a number of links to electronic camping guides in Europe.

JUNE 2000

JUNE 2000

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