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Hello dear Leonbergerfriends,

Let me introduce myself,
My name is Meus Amicus Fenno and born on the 20th of April 2006 in the kennel "Meus Amicus" in Belgium. My very good looking parents are Meus Amicus Angel and Dario Ensson Bohemia. I have 2 brothers and 5 sisters.

When I was born my weight was only 450gr. I was the smallest puppy of the litter. It was a very exciting moment because I didn't show any sign of life. But after a lot of wrubbing I cried for the first time.
So I became the proud owner of the pink ribbon. By the good care and with a lot of love I grew into a firm guy.

On the 20th of november 2007 They took a photo of my hips. A strange experience but I let it all happen as always. The result of my hips is A2. So everybody happy.

These are my bosses. Very kind people and also as crazy as me.

Meanwhile I became champion of Luxemburg and Belgium, what a big party.
I also have some offspring and they all doing it very well on the expositions. I'm very proud of that.

Hopefully we meat sometimes on a show or somewhere else.

Lots of pleasure on my website

Meus Amicus Fenno