Autodromo Nacional

Built in 1922 and closed shortly after, the track and buildings have been left untouched and are in great condition unlike the other European banked circuits - Monza & Montlhery are falling down, Brooklands has been decimated and Avus was demolished. 

It is quite a few years since I last visited Sitges, in that time there has been very little progress.
Initially the owners appointed a local architect to draw up plans for redeveloping the site, fortunately he never found any backers for a plan that would have seen it developed into a conference centre, possibly with car showrooms etc and would simply have preserved the track and used it as part of a car themed backdrop.
More recently the owners decided to retain ownership of the site, and share the cost of its restoration with car enthusiasts, to this end they appointed a Barcelona businessman, Mr Salvador Mora, to draw up plans and find backers.
As far as I know he has basically come up with some of the ideas that we had for attracting motor racing enthusiasts but it appears that he hasn't yet found any backers, but he has arranged some tidying and use of the site.

Hopefully they will one day find a way of bringing the circuit back to life, it has survived, in remarkable condition, for so long that it is so frustrating that no one has been able to revive it so far.

I have been given the following e-mail address for Mr Mora and anyone who wishes to contact him should try

I have also found a website that appears to mention (my Spanish isn't good enough to work it out!)  visits to the circuit, anyone who wishes to visit the circuit might be advised to check that out:

If you wish to contact me (Peter Morley) click here to e-mail.

Original event poster, November 4th 1923

29th December 2001

Overview, from Sitges town side, grandstand to left

Overview from Sitges townside, 16th century house to right of track

Banking on opposite side of track from Sitges town

Track was constructed in just 1 year, used 3.5 million kg of cement!

Banking is over 60 degrees

Track is constructed from concrete sections

Back straight has a gentle kink in it

Overview facing Sitges town - this side of the infield was an aerodrome

Main straight, with original grandstand

These garages were used by the Bugatti team when they raced here

Usina Campione - reputedly the original Champion factory

One of the entrance tunnels under the track

Chicken coups - would make garages

Industrial buildings - would make workshops

House on the raised infield viewing area - would make hotel

Picnic table on the raised infield viewing area

Raised infield viewing area gives a great view from above the banking

Original share certificate

Location of circuit

Colour photos (taken December 2001) by Peter Morley
most B&W photos (original 1920s) by Ludvigsen