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        Welcome to my website!  
        I know it looks terrible but what can I say, I'm not an internet-genius.
        Just use the links on the left to navigate trough my website.  If you want to know who I am go to
        "Personal info".  In the "Travel" section I tell you more about some of my holidays illustrated
        with several pictures.
        If you want to have a laugh just go to "Funstuff" and help yourself!  I hope you will be able to
        view my funny movies.  You might have to download a flashplayer first.
        Everything that I don't know where to put is hidden behind the link: "specials".
        In the "Updates" section you can see if there's anything new on my website since your last visit.
        Like every other website also mine contains some interesting "Links".  Just check them out!
        To ask me something or whatever, click on "Contact me" and for letting me know that you
        where here you can always write something down in my "Guestbook".  I will appreciate it very
        much. :-)

        Enjoy your stay!