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Uploaded new program TraderSim

2010/06/06 Updated DesktopZoom with an Italian translation, kept version number at 3.5 /  /
Updated DesktopZoom to version 3.5

My thanks to Jose from Mexico for helping me with the Auto-disable of Aero
Changes :
  1. Vista compatibility :
  2. - DesktopZoom automatically disables Aero and enables it again when closing DesktopZoom
  3. - The big Windows mousepointer has been fixed in Vista
  4. Minimizing the configuration screen won't stop zooming anymore
Created an new test version for DesktopZoom on Vista, Desktopzoom 3.4.10
I finally found a way to disable Aero on Wondows Vista
Updated DesktopZoom to version 3.4 Fixed the Windows-like mouse pointer
Included language files :
- Czech
- German (Deutch)
Created Version 3.3 of DesktopZoom
Emergency bugfix, the Windows-like mouse pointer causes a crash in version 3.2 after roughly 10 minutes.
So i removed it.
Includes translations for :
- Dutch (Nederlands)
- French (Français)
Created a Beta version of DesktopZoom 3.3 with language support.
I want to translate DesktopZoom to as many languages as possible, so if you are interested in translating you can contact me at
Updated DesktopZoom to version 3.2 Changes :
  1. Windows-like mouse pointer
Created new testprojects for disabling Aero and faster smoothing of images
DesktopZoom can't work on Vista when Aero is enabled
Current smoothing algorithme in DesktopZoom is slow
Created a new testproject for enlarging the Windows Mouse dynamicaly
Looks better than a triangle
Updated my testproject for disabling Aero
Test if Aero is enabled on startup + Zoom window
Created a new testproject to try disable Aero in Vista
DesktopZoom cannot work on Vista without disabling Aero
Updated my Development page for DesktopZoom
Keeping track if things
Updated WebVersions to version 3.1
Changes :
  1. Improved retry mechanisme in WebUpdate
  2. Added Skip button in WebUpdate
  3. A double-click on column "Web Version" will do a WebUpdate for the selected row
  4. Updated default list
Updated DesktopZoom to version 3.1 Changes :
  1. Automatically unload Hooks.dll when DesktopZoom is being shutdown
    Otherwise Hooks.dll cannot be deleted after using DesktopZoom
  2. Set Start Button as default, clicking ENTER will always start the zooming
  3. After starting, the Start button changes in a Stop button
  4. Bugfix : Don't hide real mouse when Altkey-Off
  5. Start Zoom with View on mouse position
Note : A test version for Windows Vista can be found here.
A new Development page for DesktopZoom.
For announcing Beta Versions
Updated DesktopZoom to version 3.0 Changes :
  1. Added basic speech support
  2. Configuration can be changed while zooming
  3. Option for changing viewpoint when mouse hits border
  4. Changed GUI for the Alt-keys
  5. Option to hide the real mouse
Back online !

My website was down for almost 3 months because I moved to my new appartement and my provider had trouble transfering my website adress
Updated DesktopZoom to version 2.1 Changes :
  1. Improved tracking: Caret + Menu
  2. Added Alt-keys for zooming, enabling/disabling tracking & crosshair
Updated WebVersions to version 3.0
Changes :
  1. New user interface
  2. Web Update doesn't freeze program anymore
  3. Added categories as tabnames
  4. Possibility to import other files
Updated DesktopZoom to version 2.0
Changes :
  1. New option to smooth the entire desktop
  2. New option to follow the caret
  3. New option to show the desktop as a thumbnail
  4. Zoom "Fixed Window" in fullscreen
  5. Ability to invert the colors in grey shades
  6. Some smaller changes
Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.7 Changes :
  1. The arrowkeys up and down can be used to switch the magnification on and off.
  2. A trayicon appears when the program is zooming, allowing to hide / show the toolbar
  3. A new option to hide the toolbar when starting the zoom
  4. This helpfile was added
  5. Bug fix : when zooming "Around mouse" without a settings-file the mouse didn't show
  6. Changed some of the text in the panels
Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.6 Changes :
  1. Entire Desktop : Better performance when zoom = 1/1
  2. Bug fix : Righ-click and scroll without right-click menu
  3. Grey schades : make 2 and 3 possible (not in menu)
  4. Removed differential : to slow, grey shades is much better
Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.5 Changes :
  1. Mouse wheel + control key
  2. Arrows can change zoom value
  3. "Entire desktop" : Grey shades
  4. "Around mouse" : New option to automatically flip window
Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.4 Changes :
  1. Mouse wheel can change zoom value
  2. "Entire desktop" : Changable colors: Gray, Invers, Black/White
  3. "Entire desktop" : Rectangle around zoomed area
Changed website location from
To many "My" in the previous address
Updated website, removed "Software", added "Little Gems"
Simpler layout
"Little Gems" : Small, litlle known programs.
No general software like browsers, office suits, etc.
These can be found on many other sites.

Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.3
Changes :
  1. "Entire desktop" : default tab, changable mouse size/type
  2. "Entire desktop" : new crosshair option
  3. "Fixed Window" : changable mouse size
  4. Some small GUI changes
Replaced Yahoo with the KillerInfo search engine on my mainpage KillerInfo searches with multiple search engines and clusteres the results in a tree-structure
Updated MySoft section and split this "Change History" page
MySoft section didn't have any icons

Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.2
Changes :
  1. "Follow the mouse" : don't go over edge borders
  2. "Around mouse" : x,y position
  3. "Around mouse" : Update parameters in panel after "Stop"
  4. "Around mouse" : Make height=150 standard
  5. "Around mouse" : Show original screen = 50 %
  6. "Fixed Window" : After Stop focus "Get top-left"
  7. "Fixed Window" : Checkbox for maximize on start
  8. "Fixed Window" : Set mouse in center after "Start"
  9. "Entire desktop" : Standard zoom = 2000 /1000
  10. "Entire desktop" : Show original screen = 20 %
  11. After "Stop" the Window will reposition to position before "Start"
  12. +/- button for changing zoom in the "Stop" screen
Updated WebVersions to version 2.5
Changes :
  1. A double-click for the second time on the list resets the previous values
  2. New right-click option : "Edit (NoGetCode)" for slow websites
Updated DesktopZoom to version 1.1
Changes :
  1. Zoom value changable after zoom has started.
  2. Set Windows-Zoom to max width/height, while preserving ratio
  3. Follow-the-mouse had white border iso black.
I created a new program: DesktopZoom
There are many zoom/magnify/loop programs to magnify the screen.
Windows XP has it's own magnifier.
But none of these programs could do all the things I wanted :
- Zoom the entire desktop and still be able to use the mouse
- Make the original screen show through (transparency)
- Zoom with the magnification that I want
- Save settings for the next time the program is started

Note: My program works only on "Windows XP" and "Windows 2000", because it depends heavily on "transparency", a feature that Microsoft has only supported since "Windows 2000".
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