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Lego robot

Lego just announced their Mindstorm NXT which is (gulp) "smarter, stronger, and more intuitive than ever." The new toolset features a wide range of sensors allowing your bot to now sense and react to sounds and movement with improved reaction to both light and touch. The heart of the system is the NXT brick -- a 32-bit microprocessor which can be programmed by PC or now, Mac.
Convert 2D drawing to 3D

Teddy is a Java-Applet Drawing Program that takes the 2D images you draw and renders them in 3D. The alogrithm adds shading according to the strokes and connections between the lines. This is truly a cool program for anyone and everyone!
Ghost stories
Robots to offer Japan's elderly new lease on life

A graduate student wearing the robot suit "Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) 5," developed by professor Yoshiyuki Sankai, easily holds three packs of rice during a test at Tsukuba Industrial Liaison Corp. Research Center at the University of Tsukuba, northeast of Tokyo, June 24. The robotic suit can give an average man twice his usual strength and was developed to assist the elderly in their everyday lives.
Tenth planet in our solar system

Astronomers have found a tenth planet, larger than Pluto and nearly three times farther from the sun as Pluto is today.

Temporarily designated 2003 UB313, the new planet is the most distant object yet seen in the solar system, 97 times farther from the sun than the Earth. It also is the largest body yet found orbiting in the Kuiper belt, the group of icy bodies including Pluto which orbit beyond Neptune.

Feces powers Rwandan prison
Prisoners' feces is converted into combustible "biogas," or methane gas that can be used for cooking. It has reduced by 60 percent the annual wood-fuel costs which would otherwise reach near $1 million, according to Silas Lwakabamba, rector of the Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and Management, where the technology was developed.
Zombie dogs

US scientists have succeeded in reviving the dogs after three hours of clinical death, paving the way for trials on humans within years.

Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research has developed a technique in which subject's veins are drained of blood and filled with an ice-cold salt solution.

Hilter's bomb

Controversial new historical evidence suggests that German physicists built and tested a nuclear bomb during the Second World War. Rainer Karlsch and Mark Walker outline the findings and present a previously unpublished diagram of a German nuclear weapon
Bendable concrete

A new type of fiber-reinforced bendable concrete will be used for the first time in Michigan this summer- and University of Michigan scientists hope that their new material will find widespread use across the country.
The new concrete looks like regular concrete, but is 500 times more resistant to cracking and 40 percent lighter in weight. Tiny fibers that comprise about 2 percent of the mixture's volume partly account for its performance. Also, the materials in the concrete itself are designed for maximum flexibility. Because of its long life, the Engineered Cement Composites (ECC) are expected to cost less in the long run, as well.

By eliminating the need and complexity of swashplates, collective and cyclic control through a coaxial rotor design a number of benefits beyond conventional helicopter designs are immediately realized. First; enhanced, intuitive flight controls are achieved by simple motorcycle-style handlebars and the absence of a tail rotor. To gain altitude, simply throttle up like you would on a motorcycle, turn left or right on the handlebars for craft rotation and move the handlebar assembly as a joystick for directional control (including reverse). No pedal controls are necessary, which means someone without the use of their legs can just as easily fly the AirScooter. Handlebar controls represent the most distinguishable feature of the AirScooter. AirScooter's patented design also provides an amazing level of stability while in the air and during flight.
Soviet space battle station with laser from the 80's

The Soviet Union was developing the laser space battle station Skif from beginning of 80's.
Length: 37 meters, Diameter: 4.1 meter, Weight: around 80 tons
It was supposed to be launched by an Energia booster (same as for Buran shuttle)
Unarmed prototype filled with scientific equipment was created around 1985 and launched 15 May 1987. It failed to start operations and with the fall of the Soviet Union the project was scrapped.

The US government wants to know what you and I are talking about. Spy in the sky satellites listen in to what we say and look at what we do.
You've probably heard about Echelon, the vast listening system run by the US, UK, Canada and Australia that scans the world's voice traffic looking for key words and phrases.
Aside from using the system for industrial espionage and bypassing international and national laws to listen in on people, it is also used to listen out for people like Osama bin Laden and assorted terrorists in the hope of preventing attacks.


PARIS (Reuters) - German luxury carmaker BMW unveiled the world's fastest hydrogen-powered car at the Paris auto show on Wednesday, dubbed the H2R, capable of exceeding 300 kilometers (185 miles) per hour.
Unlike most hydrogen-powered vehicles, the H2R doesn't operate on a fuel cell but rather uses a modified 6-litre, 12-cylinder combustion engine for its propulsion that essentially emits nothing but steam.
JPG image file can be a virus
A sample program hit the Internet on Wednesday, showing by example how malicious coders could compromise Windows computers by using a flaw in the handling of a widespread graphics format by Microsoft's software.
Security professionals expect the release of the program to herald a new round of attacks by viruses and Trojan horses incorporating the code to circumvent security on Windows computers that have not been updated. The flaw, in the way Microsoft's software processes JPEG graphics, could allow a program to take control of a victim's computer when the user opens a JPEG file.
Plastic magnet
The world's first plastic magnet to work at room temperature has passed the elementary test of magnetism. Its creators at the University of Durham in the UK have used it to pick up iron filings from a laboratory bench.
Jet powered wheelchair

Giuseppe Cannella had a big surprise for his mother-in-law when he put a jet engine on the back of her wheelchair.
Mr Cannella says the chair can now do top speeds of more than 60mph and has proved the star of a model plane championship during the Bank Holiday.
Holographic 1 TB disc

Optware Corp., the developer of Collinear Holographic* Data Storage System, announced today that it had achieved successfully world's first recording and play back of digital movies on a holographic recording disc with a reflective layer using Optware's revolutionary Collinear Holography. This is a major milestone for commercializing holographic data storage system.
Blu-ray disc, 50 GB storage
The Blu-ray disc founders group today approved version 1.0 of the physical specification of the Blue-ray disc (BD-ROM). First BD discs are expected to become commercially available in late 2005.
Manufacturers such as Matsushita, Philips and Sony expect the manufacturing cost of a BD-ROM to be in the range of a DVD. The media will provide 25 GByte space on a single-layer disc and 50 GByte on a dual-layer disc.
Transportation futuristics
What is “transportation futuristics”? Many of us are familiar with covers from Popular Science that depict commuters buzzing around in tiny aircraft and landing on rooftops, or fanciful drawings of vehicles that run on roads, float on water and also take to the air. The basic problem many of us face each day-- how to get from Point A to Point B in the least amount of time with the least amount of trouble-- has inspired many to dream of marvelous ways to solve that problem.
Stealth ships
 STEALTH seems to be the norm for the world's major navies, all of whom seem to be designing or have already launched ships incorporating radar absorbing materials. India is a player in the league having announced plans for a stealth frigate. The precise details of the ship are not known but the Indian Naval Design Bureau in New Delhi has worked out a design that is being finalized.
Monkey walking on two legs


Natasha, a 5-year-old black macaque at the Safari Park near Tel Aviv, began walking exclusively on her hind legs after a stomach ailment nearly killed her, zookeepers said.

Monkeys usually alternate between upright movement and walking on all fours. A picture in the Maariv daily on Wednesday showed Natasha standing ramrod straight like a human. The picture was labeled humorously, "The Missing Link?"

A website full of incredible machines, flying saucers, jetpacks, time machines, ion ray guns, etc

Fake. They sell all these incredible machines for a few dollars ?
Invisibility cloak

Susumu Tachi, who showed off the cloak at an exhibition in San Francisco earlier this month, said he was hopeful of providing a way to provide a view of the outside in windowless rooms.
Self cleaning glass

Pilkington plc has managed to create a form of self-cleaning, environmentally-friendly glass called "Activ" that uses technology on a nano-scale. The glass is able to clean itself purely through exposure to sunlight, making it very eco-friendly since regular glass needs some form of detergent to break down the dirt deposits.
3D Display

Philips' 3-D autostereoscopic display technology can be enjoyed by multiple viewers without the need for glasses with special lenses to experience the natural 3-D effect and also provides a wide viewing angle that can be enjoyed by multiple viewers.
25 GB Paper Disk

LTD and Sony Corporation announced the successful development of a 25GB paper disc based on Blu-ray Disc technology.
Using the disc-structure of Blu-ray Disc technology, the new paper disc has a total weight that is 51% paper.
Chip rewires itself on the fly

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company on Monday announced the S5000, which it says is the first processor that can add new instructions while operating.
The company's own C/C++ compiler automatically spots areas in a program that require intensive computation and creates new instructions for the processor to handle those tasks.
Operations that might have needed hundreds or thousands of standard instructions can be handled in one
The chip has demonstrated 300MHz performance, outperforming 2GHz competition.
3D demo's under 100 KByte

List of very small demo's with sound and 3D images, it works with DirectX and pseudo random generators
Examples: Castle demo, if you have a strong PC (1,4 GHz, 512 MB RAM ...) you can try this 3D game of 96 KByte, see news at slashdot and TomsHardware
Graphical user interface gallery

A website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces.
Pictures of various operating systems

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GSM handset inside a pen

No more than 140 mm (5.5) inches long, the PenPhone is a full tri-band (900, 1800, 1900 MHz) GSM handset. The unusual feature with this device is its handwriting recognition capabilities.
Worlds smallest hard drive official

Japan's Toshiba Corp said on Tuesday that Guinness World Records had certified its stamp-sized hard disk drives (HDDs) as the smallest in the world. The electronics conglomerate's 0.85-inch HDDs, unveiled in January, have storage capacity of up to four gigabytes and will be used in products such as cell phones and digital camcorders.
Artificial exoskeleton takes the strain

A human exoskeleton, which could help soldiers and fire-fighters carry heavy loads, is about to take its first public steps.
Utility to offer high-speed Internet over power lines

A division of utility Cinergy plans to offer high-speed Internet service over its power lines, letting customers connect by simply plugging a computer modem into existing electrical outlets.
Tabletop Nuclear Fusion Device

The researchers believe the new evidence shows that "sonofusion" generates nuclear reactions by creating tiny bubbles that implode with tremendous force. Nuclear fusion reactors have historically required large, multibillion-dollar machines, but sonofusion devices might be built for a fraction of that cost.
Large Diamonds Made From Gas Are The Hardest Yet

A group headed by scientists at the Carnegie Institution's Geophysical Laboratory in Washington, D.C., has produced gem-sized diamonds that are harder than any other crystals. Further, the researchers grew these diamonds directly from a gas mixture at a rate that is up to 100 times faster than other methods used to date.
1 PC, 6 hard drives, 37 Operating systems

All the OSes are loaded onto six hard drives, and divided across five separate boot menus with the help of a freely distributed bootloader called XOSL. The Menagerie features four 5400rpm Maxtors, one 7200rpm Maxtor, and one 7200rpm Western Digital. The rig’s Gigabite GA6VXE7+ motherboard, 1GHz P-III, Promise PCI IDE ATA/100 controller, and ATI Rage 128 graphics were surprisingly OS-friendly. A 350-watt PSU powers everything.
New Reactor Puts Hydrogen From Renewable Fuels Within Reach

The first reactor capable of producing hydrogen from a renewable fuel source - ethanol - efficiently enough to hold economic potential has been invented by University of Minnesota engineers. When coupled with a hydrogen fuel cell, the unit - small enough to hold in your hand - could generate one kilowatt of power, almost enough to supply an average home, the researchers said.
Inventor's machine can think for itself

His first patent was for a Device for the Autonomous Generation of Useful Information, the official name of the Creativity Machine, Miller said. His second patent was for the Self-Training Neural Network Object. Patent No. 2 was invented by Patent No. 1.
Think about that. Patent No. 2 was invented by Patent No. 1!"
Supporters say the technology is the best simulation of what goes on in human brains, and the first truly thinking machine.
Philips produces super-thin, bendable display

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch firm Philips Electronics said on Monday it was preparing to mass-produce a slim, book-sized display panel onto which consumers could download newspapers and magazines -- then roll up and put away.
World's biggest battery switched on in Alaska

The rechargable battery, which at 2,000 square metres is bigger than a football pitch and weighs 1,300 tonnes, was manufactured by power components specialist ABB to provide electricity to Fairbanks, Alaska's second-largest city, in the event of a blackout.
CD-Rs deliver degrading experience

Keeping data CDs in the dark for two years isn't a good idea. According to the Dutch magazine PC Active some CD-Rs degrade in months, even at room temperature without sunlight.
See also : CDs, DVDs not so immortal
The cheap way to the stars - by escalator

At the heart of a space elevator would be a cable reaching up as far as 100,000km from the surface of the Earth. The earthbound end would be tethered to a base station, probably somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The other end would be attached to an orbiting object in space acting as a counterweight, the momentum of which would keep the cable taut and allow vehicles to climb up and down it.
Amphibious car

The convertible Aquada Sports Amphibian, which can reach up to 100mph on land, uses a jet to propel it through water at speeds of over 30mph.
It takes about 10 seconds for the car's wheels to retract, the power to switch and the boat to take off, says Gibbs Technologies, the company behind the car.
Humanoid Robot in 2005

Japanese carmaker Toyota is claiming that it will build a humanoid robot by 2005. Unlike previous robots, such as ASIMO or Sony's QRIO, this new robot will be designed to accomplish useful tasks.
CPU working on synthetic Diamonds

Experimental diamond transistors have been clocked at 81GHz. For comparison, Intel demonstrated cutting-edge silicon transistors in a lab late last year--running at 10GHz.
Synthetic (cheap) Diamonds
Battery on sugar

Experimental cells have run for 25 days without refueling, although the packaging remains somewhat bulky at this early stage. What's more, the cell can be refueled easily with almost any type of sugar. The byproduct of this organic activity is carbon dioxide, albeit in very tiny amounts.
The Skycar

A personal flying car that could take off from any back garden of street and be as easy to fly as a car is to drive, if not easier.
One Person VTOL

SoloTrek is an open-air VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft that will transport a person in an upright and standing position for up to two hours. Using readily available fuel, SoloTrek is predicted to attain speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour and is designed to operate easily in and out of extremely confined areas.
Handheld Printer

The printer has the length of a normal ballpoint pen while its width and height are more or less equivalent to the width of a modern mobile phone. The total volume is less than 300 c.c. and weights around 350 grams.
Molecular Memory

According to some prognosticators, molecular memory schemes will soon be ready for volume production.
Museum of unworkable devices

Perpetuum Mobiles
Devices that cannot work
The science of Startrek

Is Star Trek really a science show, or just a lot of "gee, whiz" nonsensical Sci-Fi? Could people really DO the fantastic things they do on the original Star Trek and Next Generation programs, or is it all just hi-tech fantasy for people who can't face reality?
Sharman Exterminating Kazaa Lite K++

Today, Kazaa Lite K++ fans discovered that virtually every download mirror of this client has been eliminated, including links on its home page.
Problems with windows ? reinstall it over itself, keeping all your data !
Time machine

Have you ever dreamed of traveling in time? Now you can experience what you have only dreamed of. With the Hyper Dimensional Resonator you can travel into the past or explore the future. The world will be at your beck and call and you will have all the time in the world to explore it.

Fake. He sells time machines for 12 US Dollars ?
Defossé Guillaume Systems 25FPS Video

Unbelievable Datacompressions
The company MILLENNIUM GATE N.V. is proud to present a new strong technological performance of the Belgian electronic wizard Guillaume Defossé: a standard NOKIA 9210 adapted with his DGS-Operating System able to play a full feature movie @ 25 frames per second.

Fake. Able to play a full feature movie @ 25 frames per second. The test movie is 108 minutes. The movie is stored on only one flash memory card of 16 MB (from which 11 MB is used for the OS and other software!)