Programs: freeware + portable + small

TraderSim is a program for learning about the stock market and testing some trading strategies.
This is a meant as a learning tool or just for fun, it’s not meant as a program for real commercial use.

With TraderSim you can download a few predefined stock lists from different sources and markets.
After downloading some stock data you can view them in the analyzer tab.

In this analyzer tab you can select a stock, look at its values over time,
zoom in on the chart, select different values : open, close, dividends, etc.

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DesktopZoom is a zoom/magnify program with lots of options.
DesktopZoom Current Version: 3.5
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French Version 3.1 by Alain Lapierre.

Keep track of the difference between Software versions on your PC and the Internet.
WebVersions Current Version: 3.1
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Tools: freeware + portable + small

A programmers tool to create a GUI wrapper around DOS commandline tools.
Edit the ini-file for a specific commandline tool
The example ini-file is for use with the UPX commandline tool which is a DOS program to compress executables and dll's
With my GUI wrapper you can use UPX in a graphical way + you can compress an entire directory automatically
I use this program myself for UPX, mkisofs, TrID file identifier and Gzip.
Program for starting other programs that need absolute paths as parameters, it will convert "..\Index.html" into the proper absolute path, pe "D:\MyWebsite\Index.html"
This can be used in bat-files :

1 : "LocalFiles.exe" My program for starting another program
2 : "1_2" Params 1 and 2 must be localized
..\Internet\MozillaFirefox\Firefox.exe" and '..\Index.html'")
3 : "..\Internet\MozillaFirefox\Firefox.exe"
= Parm 1, the program I want to start
4 : "..\Index.html"
= Parm 2, the parameter for Firefox.exe
This program will wait until a new drive becomes available and start a program on it.
Param 1 : 1
Param 2 : List of drives that have to be monitored
Param 3 : The program that has to be started if a new drive appears
Param 4 : Time in seconds that StartDisk waits for a new drive to
appear, after this time, the program will simply stop
Param 5 : The drives are scanned every 500 milliseconds

Program that can create index html-files for jpg and gif images.
jpg result example
gif result example
slideshow result example

Warning: This program is a java program and requires a Java Virtual machine on your computer