TraderSim is a program for learning about the stock market and testing some trading strategies.
This is a meant as a learning tool or just for fun, it’s not meant as a program for real commercial use.

With TraderSim you can download a few predefined stock lists from different sources and markets.
After downloading some stock data you can view them in the analyzer tab.

In this tab you can select a stock, look at its values over time, zoom in on the chart,
select different values : open, close, dividends, etc.

TraderSim Analyzer screen

In the "Script Editor" tab you can write a trading strategy and test it against one of the downloaded markets.
There are several existing scripts that you can examine and use.

The challenge for you is to create a trading strategy with the highest possible profit.

TraderSim ScriptEditor screen

Download installer : TraderSim.exe
Portable zip:
Help file : TraderSim.pdf
Images : Downloader1.jpg, Analyser1.jpg, ScriptEditor1.jpg, TestMaker1.jpg

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