Model railroad control software
Easy Train and Layout Control for Motorola and DCC
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Last updated: 29/04/2011
Pablo Software Solutions
Welcome to LocCommander,

Via the LocCommander system which runs on a Windows PC an operator can easily control his model railroad.

· Support for the ESU ECoS(Motorola, DCC, LGB and Selectrix decoder systems) and any other digital system compatible with the PC Interface Protocol published for the ECoS  (e.g. Märklin® Central Station 60212).
· Support for Märklin® digital system via the devices 6021/6051 or any other control system compatible with the Märklin® 6051 interface device (P50 protocol).
· Simplified representation of a model railroad in a 2 dimensional grid layout with multiple layers support.
· Object management via LocCommander for the ECoS.
· Manual and automatic control of trains, cranewagons, turnouts, decoupling rails, signals and switches.
· Routes.
· Real-time visualization of track occupancy.
· Digital device ESU ECoS and compatible digital systems (e.g.  Märklin® Central Station 60212).
· Digital devices Märklin® 6021/6051 or control system compatible with P50 protocol
(RS-232 serial port or a USB to RS-232 converter on PC).
· Minimum screen resolution 1024x768.
· Minimum Windows 2000 and higher (requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5) or Windows Vista.

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